Death rate among working class aged 18 to 64 rises 40% in past two quarters | 過去兩個季度18至64歲工人階級死亡率上升40%

The death rate among workers aged 18 to 64 in Indiana has risen 40% in the third quarter, compared to the rate before the pandemic, ONe America CEO Scott Davison said at a news conference.

(40% increase means 1,000,000 deaths in a year, according to a report by

This is the highest death rate was the highest ever seen in the history of the Indiana life insurance company.

The previous highest rate due to a one-in-200 year catastrophe only was 10% higher than the pre-pandemic rate.

Davison said most deaths claimed for life insurance are not classified as covid 19 deaths.

The insurance company CEO also said his company also witnessed an increase in disability claims, first seen in short-term disability claims and then in long-term disability claims.

Brian Tabor, president of the Indiana Hospital Association at the news conference reported a surge in the number of hospitalizations in the state, due to many different health conditions.

Lindsay Weaver, Indiana’s chief medical officer, said the number of hospitalizations is now higher than that before the covid 19 vaccination began one year ago.

She said that 91.9% of ICU beds are occupied with 37% by covid 19 patients and 54% by patients with other illnesses or conditions.

Comment: It is possible that covid 19 vaccines caused the increase in deaths and short term and long terms disabilities.  Studies have shown that covid 19 vaccines can harm the brain, the heart, immunity and infertility.


One America 首席執行官斯科特戴維森在新聞發布會上說,過去兩個季度,印第安納州工人階級的死亡率與大流行前的死亡率相比上升了 40%。


之前由於 200 年一遇的災難造成的最高比率僅比每次大流行的比率高 10%。

他說,大多數提交的死亡案件並未歸類為 Covid 19 死亡。


印第安納州醫院協會主席布賴恩·塔博爾 (Brian Tabor) 在新聞發布會上報告說,許多不同的健康狀況會導致該州的住院人數激增。

印第安納州首席醫療官林賽·韋弗 (Lindsay Weaver) 表示,現在住院人數比一年前開始接種 covid 19 疫苗之前要高。

她說,ICU病床的91.9%正在使用.  其中covid 19患者佔用了37%,其他疾病或病症的患者佔用了54%。

評論:covid 19 疫苗可能導致死亡和短期和長期殘疾的增加。研究表明,covid 19 疫苗會傷害大腦、心臟、免疫力和不孕症。


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