Defend your God-given freedoms and finish 2021 strong! 捍衛上帝賦予的自由,強勢結束2021年!

Please support Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) to help defend YOUR religious freedom, free speech, the sanctity of life, parental rights, and God’s design for marriage and family.   ADF is now fighting Biden’s vaccine mandate which wants to force the lethal gene therapy into everyone’s body.

Believers, please do a prayer to see if you need to do the donation.  Non-believers, please your conscience to see if you should support the organization to help defend your own rights.


請支持捍衛自由聯盟,幫助捍衛你的宗教自由、言論自由、生命的神聖性、父母權利,以及上帝對婚姻和家庭的設計。 ADF現在正在與拜登的強迫接種疫苗命令作鬥爭,該授權希望將致命的基因療法強行帶入每個人的身體。

信徒們,請做一個禱告,看看你是否需要做捐贈。 非信徒,請問你的良心,看看你是否應該支持這個組織來幫助捍衛你自己的權利。


Defend your God-given freedoms and finish 2021 strong!

Donate before Dec 31, please

There’s no doubt about it—attacks on your God-given freedoms and constitutional rights are increasing.

In 2020, we received more than 5,200 requests for legal assistance. In 2021, requests have nearly doubled, totaling more than 9,500 so far!

From the Biden administration to Members of Congress hostile to freedom to activist groups like the ACLU, the opposition is powerful and well-funded. Religious freedom, free speech, the sanctity of life, parental rights, and God’s design for marriage and family are all under attack.

But you can help protect the freedoms we all cherish as Americans …

With your generous support today, Alliance Defending Freedom will be prepared to fight on behalf of your freedoms in critical legal cases—all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, if necessary. When friends like you give, we don’t have to charge our clients for our legal services.

Your tax-deductible gift right now will help us finish the year strong so that we can fight critical cases—and, with God’s blessing, win.

We’re trusting God to provide every dollar needed by December 31 to prepare for the battles in the year ahead. Will you give today and further the impact of the $1 million challenge grant?

Right now, your gift may even qualify for a special matching grant*, DOUBLING your impact to defend your freedoms in the year ahead—until the match is met!

Thank you in advance for giving generously!

Yes! I want to give a year-end gift to help defend my God-given freedoms!

*Your gift will be DOUBLED if you’ve never given a gift to Alliance Defending Freedom.

*For existing Ministry Friends, your gift will be DOUBLED if you have not given since December 31, 2019. Or, if your gift is an increase from your 2020 giving, your gift will also be doubled. For example, if you gave $500 in total in 2020, and your gift today makes your total 2021 giving $700, then $200 will be matched.

Donate before Dec 31, please

$$$ 如果你愿意,你可以在这捐款支持我们。谢谢。$$$
$$$ If you would, you can make a donation here to support us. Thank you. $$$


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