Dietary fat, resveratrol influence the severity of covid 19 | 膳食脂肪、白藜蘆醇影響covid 19的嚴重程度

A study report suggests that eating a high fat diet could worsen the severity of covid 19 while taking resveratrol supplements may help negate the detrimental effect of dietary fat on the severity of covid 19.

Study authors found dietary fat downregulates expression of ACE2 protein while resveratrol does the opposite.   Sars Cov 2 virus hijacks ACE2 protein for its entry into host cells.  Lowering ACE2 protein is why covid 19 causes high blood pressure and severe acute respiratory disease.

Another study suggests that resveratrol can actually suppress the viral replication in smallpox which could be the next bioweapon attrack Americans may have to suffer.


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