Eating more plant protein less animal protein extends lifespan 多吃植物蛋白而少吃動物蛋白可延長壽命


07/14/2020 Monday ( — Many Chinese doctors are promoting the consumption of animal protein. They consider animal protein superior to plant protein. They encourage cancer patients to eat animal protein. The fact is, people eating plant protein are less likely to die a premature death than those animal protein eaters.

U.S. government researchers at the National Cancer Institute recently released a study in JAMA that shows replacing 3% animal protein with plant protein reduces overall death risk from 10% in both men and women.

The study also found the replacement of animal protein with plant protein lowers the death risk from cardiovascular disease by 11% in men and 12% in women, compared to eating animal protein.

The same substitution of plant protein for egg protein had the risk of overall death risk by 24% in men and 21% in women and for red meat, the reduction was 13% in men and 15% in women.

The researchers conclude that “Our findings provide evidence that dietary modification in choice of protein sources may influence health and longevity.”

Jiaqi Huang; Linda M. Liao; Stephanie J. Weinstein; Rashmi Sinha; Barry I. Graubard; Demetrius Albanes (2020), Association Between Plant and Animal Protein Intake and Overall and Cause-Specific Mortality, JAMA Intern Med. Published online July 13, 2020. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2020.2790






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