Emily Jashinsky: Mark Zuckerberg Wants Meta To Be Your LANDLORD | 馬克 · 紮克伯格希望梅塔成為你的房東

Resist to Mr. Zuckerberg’s allure and do not fall into his trap. Invest your money on foods and the environment and your community. Do not send your money to him to build his virtual world which will in turn trap lots of your money. In the end, he will be the landlord of the world. If he indeed become the landlord, YOU MAKE HIM!

We do not invest our cash into any media, entertainment and social platform companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all traditional media outlets who are 100% influenced by the industries and spread misinformation to help their advertisers. For Christians, investment is never about how much money you gain. It’s about the monetary impact on the society and people. Many Christians are doing what Christians are not supposed to do. They help build obstacles between people and God and lead people away from God.

抵制紮克伯格先生的誘惑,不要落入他的陷阱。 把錢投資在食品、環境和社區上。 不要寄你的錢給他建立他的虛擬世界,這反過來又會陷阱你的很多錢。最後,他將成為世界的地主。 如果他真的成為房東, 你就造他!

我們不會將現金投入到任何媒體、娛樂和社交平臺公司,如 Facebook、Twitter、Instagram,以及所有 100% 受行業影響並傳播錯誤資訊以説明其廣告客戶的傳統媒體機構。 對基督徒來說,投資從來不是你賺多少錢的問題。這是關於貨幣對社會和人民的影響。 許多基督徒正在做基督徒不應該做的事。 他們幫助在人與神之間製造障礙,使人遠離神。

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