How many Americans have been infected with covid 19? | 有多少美國人感染了 covid 19?

News reports say that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that by April 2021, 110 million Americans would have been infected with covid 19.  The agency ever since has not updated its estimate or report.

Dr. Robert Malone said a couple of weeks ago that at least 170 million Americans have  been infected.  Up to now, as many as 200 millions or about 60% of the American population should have been infected.

Why the government does not want to update?  Assume that everyone has been infected, there would be no need for vaccines or vaccine mandate, which is why.

新聞報導稱,美國疾病控制與預防中心估計,到 2021 年 4 月,將有 1.1 億美國人感染 covid 19。該機構至今尚未更新其估計或報告。

羅伯特·馬龍博士幾週前表示,至少有 1.7 億美國人被感染。 到目前為止,應該有多達 2 億或大約 60% 的美國人口被感染。

為什麼政府不想更新? 假設每個人都被感染了,就不需要疫苗或疫苗授權,這就是原因。

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