Listen to understand the first Presidential debate 听着了解第一次总统辩论


This is published by an Australian TV news outlet. This is one of the few pro-Trump news media outlets. If you want to get to know Trump, you need to listen to voices from this in addition to All others in the U.S. and U.K. hate Trump and they will not say a word about the good things Trump did.

This video explains how Biden is no match for Trump while all others say Biden wins. In 2016, all media said Clinton would win, and in the end, Trump won. This will happen again in 2020. If you are impartial, you will know Trump is more presidential than in 2016.

这是由澳大利亚电视新闻台出版的。 这是少数亲特朗普新闻媒体之一。 如果您想了解特朗普,除了foxnews.com之外,您还需要听取来自此的声音。 美国和英国的其他所有人都讨厌特朗普,他们对特朗普所做的善事一言不发。

这段视频说明了拜登无法匹敌特朗普,而其他所有人都说拜登获胜。 在2016年,所有媒体都说克林顿将获胜,最后,特朗普获胜。 这将在2020年再次发生。如果您不偏不倚,您将知道特朗普比2016年更担任总统。

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