Mercola: Drug industry is trying to use Congress to take over supplements and regulate them out of existence | Mercola:製藥業正試圖利用國會接管補充劑並將其監管為不存在

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Image: Mercola: Drug industry is trying to use Congress to take over supplements and regulate them out of existence

(Natural News) Health freedom is under attack in a new way. Illinois Senator Richard Durbin (D) is the sponsor of a new regulatory proposal -the Dietary Supplement Listing Act of 2022. This regulatory nightmare would give the pharmaceutical industry (FDA) more control over nutritional supplements, allowing the Food and Drug Administration to regulate many out of existence.

Under the new legislation, nutritional, food-based and herbal supplements would be required to undergo the same pre-market approval process as drugs – limiting access and driving up the cost of some of the most basic nutrients and superfoods.

健康自由正以一種新的方式受到攻擊。 伊利諾伊州參議員理查德·德賓 (D) 是一項新監管提案的發起人 – 2022 年膳食補充劑上市法案。這項監管噩夢將使製藥業 (FDA) 對營養補充劑有更多控制權,從而使食品和藥物管理局能夠監管許多 不存在了。


Drug industry seeks to destroy NAC, B6, CBD and much more

製藥業尋求摧毀 NAC、B6、CBD 等

Dr. Joseph Mercola warns that the Dietary Supplement Listing Act of 2022 would allow the drug industry to take over supplements and regulate them out of existence. In the past, he said, “the drug industry and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has tried to ban certain supplements, including vitamin B6 and N-acetylcysteine (NAC), by reclassifying them as new drugs.” The latest hostile takeover of supplements would ensure that millions of Americans are unable to take care of their health in the most basic, fundamental ways.

Joseph Mercola 博士警告說,2022 年的膳食補充劑上市法案將允許製藥業接管補充劑並將其監管為不存在。 他說,過去,“製藥業和美國食品和藥物管理局曾試圖通過將某些補充劑重新歸類為新藥來禁止某些補充劑,包括維生素 B6 和 N-乙酰半胱氨酸 (NAC)。” 最近對補充劑的惡意收購將確保數百萬美國人無法以最基本、最根本的方式照顧他們的健康。

This legislation would allow the FDA to reclassify certain supplements as “new drugs.” Supplement companies will not be able to afford millions of dollars in new regulatory fees that will be required to get their products approved by the FDA. If passed, this will drive small supplement manufacturers out of business, allowing the drug companies to continue buying them up. Right now, fourteen mega corporations – including the likes of Pfizer, Nestle and Bayer – control more than one hundred of the most popular supplements on the market. For example, Nestle Health Science has bought up Garden of Life, Vital Proteins, Wobenzym, Persona Nutrition, Nuun, Orthica, Pure Encapsulations, Douglas Laboratories, Genestra, Minami, AOV, Klean Athlete, Bountiful and its smaller brands Solgar, Osteo Bi-Flex, Puritan’s Pride, Ester-C and Sundown. Once the drug companies control these products, the formulas are often adulterated and manufactured with fillers and synthetic chemicals.

這項立法將允許 FDA 將某些補充劑重新歸類為“新藥”。 補充劑公司將無法支付數百萬美元的新監管費用,這些費用將要求其產品獲得 FDA 批准。 如果通過,這將導緻小型補充劑製造商倒閉,讓製藥公司繼續收購它們。 目前,包括輝瑞、雀巢和拜耳在內的 14 家大型公司控制著市場上 100 多種最受歡迎的補充劑。 例如,雀巢健康科學收購了 Garden of Life、Vital Proteins、Wobenzym、Persona Nutrition、Nuun、Orthica、Pure Encapsulations、Douglas Laboratories、Genestra、Minami、AOV、Klean Athlete、Bountiful 及其較小的品牌 Solgar、Osteo Bi- Flex、Puritan’s Pride、Ester-C 和 Sundown。 一旦製藥公司控制了這些產品,這些配方通常會被摻假並使用填充劑和合成化學品製造。


The Dietary Supplement Listing Act of 2022 has already been introduced to the US Senate and referred to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. It is expected to become a part of the FDA’s Safety Landmark Advancements Act. Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D. president and CEO of the Natural Products Association, warned, “Last time I checked, dietary supplements are not drugs, biologics or medical devices, so why Congress or anyone supporting nongermane legislation that will only add costs to consumers who are doing all they can to stay healthy is extremely troubling.”

2022 年膳食補充劑上市法案已提交美國參議院,並提交給健康、教育、勞工和養老金委員會。 預計它將成為 FDA 安全地標推進法案的一部分。 Daniel Fabricant 博士 天然產品協會主席兼首席執行官警告說:“上次我檢查時,膳食補充劑不是藥物、生物製品或醫療設備,那麼為什麼國會或任何支持非德國立法的人只會增加竭盡全力的消費者的成本 保持健康非常令人不安。”

Big Pharma trying to control, distort, eliminate the very God-given substances that help the body heal


The FDA has been writing warning letters to supplement companies, telling them not to market N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) for any health issues. NAC has been used as a remedy to help the body synthesize glutathione, strengthening the immune system. The FDA threatened Amazon to stop selling NAC products after learning about the public’s interest in NAC for combating infections.

This is just the tip of the spear. In 2007, Medicure Pharma manufactured a synthetic version of vitamin B6, for which they owned a drug patent. Medicure Pharma called the vitamin MC-1 and used it to treat inadequate blood flow.

FDA 一直在向補充公司寫警告信,告訴他們不要因任何健康問題而銷售 N-乙酰半胱氨酸 (NAC)。 NAC 已被用作幫助身體合成穀胱甘肽、增強免疫系統的藥物。 在得知公眾對 NAC 對抗感染的興趣後,FDA 威脅亞馬遜停止銷售 NAC 產品。

這只是矛的尖端。 2007 年,Medicure Pharma 生產了一種合成版本的維生素 B6,他們擁有該產品的藥物專利。 Medicure Pharma 稱維生素 MC-1 並用它來治療血流不足。

That year, Medicure Pharma called on the FDA to target any dietary supplement manufacturer that used vitamin B6 in their formula. Medicure Pharma argued that any product that contained pyridoxal 5?-phosphate was guilty of selling an “adulterated” product under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, article 402(f). The drug company had already entered MC-1 into the drug bank and believed they had exclusive rights to manufacture the synthetic B6 vitamin – no competition allowed. However, various whole food vitamin manufacturers used the natural form of vitamin B6 (pyroxidine) and refused to acquiesce to the Medicure Pharma and the drug industry. When a pharmaceutical company turns a vitamin into a synthetic drug, they are able to jack up the price and market it as theirs.

那一年,Medicure Pharma 呼籲 FDA 將目標對準任何在其配方中使用維生素 B6 的膳食補充劑製造商。 Medicure Pharma 辯稱,根據《聯邦食品、藥品和化妝品法》第 402(f) 條,任何含有 5?-磷酸吡哆醛的產品都犯有銷售“摻假”產品的罪行。 該製藥公司已將 MC-1 輸入藥庫,並認為他們擁有製造合成維生素 B6 的獨家權利——不允許競爭。 然而,各種全食品維生素製造商使用天然形式的維生素 B6(吡咯烷),並拒絕默許 Medicure Pharma 和製藥行業。 當一家製藥公司將一種維生素變成一種合成藥物時,他們就能夠抬高價格並將其作為自己的產品推向市場。

Under the new regulatory proposal, drug companies would be able to legally get away with this fraud with just about any natural vitamin or phytochemical. This will inevitably destroy health food stores and push basic food-based supplements into the pharmacy, where drug companies can control the price and limit access.

The Natural Products Association urges everyone to contact their representatives to oppose this threat to our health and freedom.

根據新的監管提案,製藥公司幾乎可以使用任何天然維生素或植物化學物質合法地擺脫這種欺詐行為。 這將不可避免地摧毀保健食品商店,並將基本的食品補充劑推向藥房,製藥公司可以在那裡控制價格並限制准入。


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