Optimal vitamin D levels needed to fight covid 19 | 對抗covid 19 所需的最佳維生素 D 水準

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The optimal serum concentration of vitamin D that help fight covid 19 ranges from 40 to 60 ng/mL  With this vitamin level, no covid 19 patients will die.  If vitamin D level is too low, it does not work.

Then how much vitamin D supplement do you need to take everyday? The video suggests 4000 to 10,000 IU per day, which is about right. (A study published in May 2020 suggests a minimum 5000 IU per day for at least 14 days.  No harm to take vitamin D of this dose for as long as wanted.  Vitamin D can provide other benefits than fighting covid 19.)

It is considered in old days that vitamin D, as a fat-soluble pre-hormone can accumulate in the body and cause harm.  But that notion is incorrect.  Vitamin D turns out to be very safe unless a megadose is chronically used.  The dosage suggested should be very safe.

維生素D的最佳血清濃度,幫助對抗共性19範圍從40至60 ng/mL ,以這種維生素水平,沒有covid 19患者會死亡。如果維生素D水準太低,它是無用的。 那麼你每天需要服用多少維生素D補充劑呢?該視頻建議每天 4000 到 10,000 IU,這大約是正確的。

過去認為維生素D作為一種脂溶性激素會在體內積累並造成傷害。 但這種觀點是不正確的。 維生素D被證明是非常安全的,除非長期使用高劑量。 建議的劑量應該非常安全。

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