Pre-order a supplement to boost your immunity against covid and other infections | 預訂補充劑以增強您對新冠病毒和其他感染的免疫力

Covid 19 is not over yet.  It is important to help your body to defend itself.  Many people develop a severe condition because they are deficient in many essential nutrients that support immunity.

One supplement will be available from to customers worldwide except for Canada.

This supplement in two capsules contains zinc sulfate (50 mg), quercetin (500 mg), vitamin D (5000 IU), and vitamin C (800 mg).  It does not contain anything else except cellulose for capsules.  One bottle contains 30 servings or for 30 days.

Advantages: 1) Clean ingredients. It does not contain fillers or toxic chemicals like silica or silicone dioxide.  2) It is easy to use.  You do not have to use individual supplements which inevitably contain a lot of filler.  3) High quality.  We have the supplement manufactured by a well regarded toll manufacturer who strictly follow up all processing regulations and protocol to ensure the highest quality possible. 4) Competitive price, meaning cheaper than competitor’s price.

This is for everyone, unvaccinated and vaccinated alike, infected and not-infected individuals.  These supplements are well known to help prevent and treat covid 19.

If you are interested, send an email to [email protected]  When it is ready (three weeks), then you will be notified immediately.

Disclaimer:  FDA does not approve these statements.  All statements regardless of how effective the supplement is should be considered personal opinions.

Covid 19 還沒有結束。幫助您的身體進行自我保護很重要。許多人患上嚴重疾病是因為他們缺乏許多支持免疫力的必需營養素。 將向除加拿大以外的全球客戶提供一份補充資料。

兩粒膠囊中的這種補充劑含有硫酸鋅(50 毫克)、槲皮素(500 毫克)、維生素 D(5000 國際單位)和維生素 C(800 毫克)。除了用於膠囊的纖維素外,它不含任何其他物質。一瓶包含 30 份或 30 天。

優點: 1)清潔成分。它不含填料或有毒化學物質,如二氧化矽或二氧化矽。 2) 使用方便。您不必使用不可避免地含有大量填充物的單獨補充劑。 3) 高質量。我們有由知名的收費製造商製造的補充劑,他們嚴格遵守所有加工法規和協議,以確保盡可能高的質量。 4)有競爭力的價格,意思是比競爭對手的價格便宜。

這適用於所有人,包括未接種疫苗和接種疫苗的人,感染者和未感染者。眾所周知,這些補充劑有助於預防和治療 covid 19。

如果您有興趣,請發送電子郵件至[email protected]。準備好後(三週),您將立即收到通知。

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