President Trump will be re-elected on Nov 3 特朗普总统将于11月3日再次当选


Based on what is going on right now, editors of predict that President trump will be elected on Nov 3, 2020 to be the 46th president of United States of America.

  1. In 2016, Trump beat Clinton. And Clinton is stronger than Biden, so Trump will beat Biden in 2020.
  2. Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg also helps Trump to install a conservative justice in the supreme Court which ensures a Trump win when the election outcome is to be disputed.
  3. Trump supporters are more enthusiastic this year than 2016 while Biden’s supporters are not as enthusiastic.
  4. Trump’s performance is excellent and job/economy is good, and there is no reason to have a new President.
  5. Biden is physically and mentally weak, and likely not be able to finish one term of presidency, which concerns some voters. There are signs that Biden has serious cognitive issues.
  6. President Trump is more presidential than Biden.
  7. Trump has a record of keeping promise and doing what he promised in 2016. Biden is a typical veteran politician and voters know whom they can trust.

A reliable poll predicts a Trump win in 2020.


1, 2016年,特朗普击败了克林顿。 克林顿比拜登更强大,因此特朗普将在2020年击败拜登。
2, 露丝·巴德·金斯堡(Ruth Bader Ginsburg)的死还帮助特朗普在最高法院建立了保守的司法制度,确保当选举结果有争议时特朗普获胜。
3, 今年的特朗普支持者比2016年更加热情,而拜登的支持者则没有那么热情。
4, 特朗普的表现出色,工作/经济状况良好,没有理由选举一个新总统.
5, 拜登在体力和脑力上都很虚弱,很可能无法完成一个任期,这使一些选民感到担忧。
6, 特朗普总统比拜登更像总统。


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