Reduce cancer risk by 51% in men and 36% in women – Dr. Zhang on longevity | 降低男性癌症51%,女性癌症36% 章博士說長壽

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Contact Dr. Lu for information about cancer treatments。聯繫盧博士,獲取有關癌症治療資訊。

Cancer is a disease of aging, and is associated with our living habits. A global study reported in the August 20 issue of The Lancet found nearly half of cancers worldwide are attributed to known risk factors, mainly tobacco and alcohol. 44% of global cancer deaths in 2019 result from poor living habits and the polluted environment. The video introduces detailed results from the research analysis, and offer opinions about how to change life habits and avoid risks.

癌症是一種衰老性疾病,與我們的生活習慣有關。 在 8 月 20 日的《柳葉刀》雜誌上報導的一項全球研究發現,全球近一半的癌症歸因於已知的風險因素,主要是煙草和酒精。 2019年全球44%的癌症死亡是由於不良的生活習慣和污染的環境造成的。 該視頻介紹了研究分析的詳細結果,並就如何改變生活習慣和規避風險提出了意見。



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