Stop Vaccine Mandates 停止強制注射疫苗

AAPS is one organization that advocates medical freedom.   It believes that vaccine mandates are not only unnecessary but also hurting citizens’ basic human rights!  AAPS asks you to support Peter McCullough, MD, MPH who speaks out about the vaccine and safety and alternative yet effective treatments.  If you like, you can review this petition and sign it to support this heroic doctor who is AAPS claims under attacks.

AAPS 是一個倡導醫療自由的組織。 它認為強制接種疫苗不僅沒有必要,而且損害了公民的基本人權! AAPS 請求您支持 Peter McCullough,醫學博士,公共衛生碩士,他就疫苗和安全性以及替代但有效的治療方法發表意見。 如果您願意,可以查看此請願書並簽名,以支持 AAPS 聲稱受到攻擊的英雄醫生。


$$$ 如果你愿意,你可以在这捐款支持我们。谢谢。$$$
$$$ If you would, you can make a donation here to support us. Thank you. $$$


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