Suramin may help treat covid 19 | 蘇拉明可能有助於治療新冠肺炎

Update: This study was published in May 2021 in Nature.

A new report suggests that the 100-year old drug suramin may be used to treat covid 19.  Researchers found that this medication can inhibit a polymerase and make it impossible for RNA to be replicated.

Researchers find that suramin and its derivatives are at least 20 times more effective than remdesivir, the currently approved nucleotide drug for COVID-19, at inhibiting sars cov 2 infection.  Remdesivir is a toxin which can cause gene mutations in human DNA and RNA.

一份新的報告表明,100年歷史的藥物蘇拉明可用於治療covid 19。 研究人員發現,這種藥物可以抑制聚合酶,使RNA無法複製。研究人員發現,蘇拉明及其衍生物在抑制SARS cov 2感染方面至少比瑞德西韋(目前批准的用於COVID-19的核苷酸藥物)有效20倍。 瑞德西韋是一種毒素,可引起人類基因突變。

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