The Small Pox Tell Of Bill Gates

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Keeping any lethal bioweapon like smallpox can only pose threat to ordinary people regardless of their political or religious viewpoints.  The powerful want to keep it because when they can and they want, then they can release it and kill millions of people.  It is more convenient than launching a war to kill people.

保留任何像天花這樣的致命生物武器只會對普通人構成威脅,無論他們的政治或宗教觀點如何。 強者想要保留它,因為當他們可以並且想要時,他們就可以釋放它並殺死數百萬人。 比發動戰爭殺人更方便。

The World Health Organization declared that Small Pox had been eradicated in 1980. So why is Bill Gates making potentially terroristic threats like this? For years there has been a debate to destroy the last known remnants of the Variola virus that causes smallpox which are kept in government laboratories in Atlanta, Georgia and Russia. Maintaining a Bio warfare standoff.

The argument to keep them centers around the ability to respond to a smallpox outbreak that may still remain in the natural world. And the can has been kicked down the road by the World Health Organization to finally destroy existing stocks of the virus. In 2010 a review by a team of public health experts appointed by the WHO concluded that no essential public health purpose is served by the American and Russian laboratories continuing to retain live virus stocks.

In 2019 a Russian lab explosion put containment at risk. While a recent discovery of vials labeled smallpox at a Merck lab in Pennsylvania thrust smallpox into the a public sphere burnt out by liberty killing lock downs and the still unfinished business of Dr. Fauci’s involvement in the creation of Covid-19.

We are all to familiar with the agenda setting and predictive programming associated with the months leading up to the Covid outbreak. And now Bill Gates threats are making a gradual appearance to possibly prime the agenda setting pump as a DNA specific Small Pox bio weapon in the latest James Bond film.

Bill Gates is the quintessential sociopath. With billions of dollars, data collection, and inside government power at his disposal. He is as untouchable as any Bond Villain. Unfortunately, this isn’t a movie.

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