Uniregistry sells its business to godaddy, you should move your domain names away from godaddy ASAP | Uniregistry將其業務出售給godaddy,您應該儘快將您的域名從godaddy上移開

We transferred some domain names to uniregistry for its cheaper registration fee. After the first year, the fee was raised, and a couple of years later, Uniregistry sold its business to Godaddy.com

About 15 or 20 years ago, we had bad experience with godaddy.com. Specifically, that company we believe was dishonest and manipulated its customers for profits. Ever since, we did not do much with that company. Now our domain names have been transferred to Godaddy from Uniregistry and we have some issues again.

The first time, we had no issue using our log-in credential that we use for uniregistry to log in Godaddy account. We saw that the price is much much higher than expected, so we started trying to transfer our domain names to another domain registration registrar. Godaddy noticed, and came to offer 20% off its sky-high price.

A few days later, we received a notice saying our domain names will expire soon. Thanks for the notice. But our log-in credential is no long valid (could not log in godaddy account anymore.) And then we tried to retrieve the password a couple of times, we did not receive any confirmation code. And then tried a couple of times more, we were told in a text message on retrieval field that the email address we put in is not in their system which is very weird.

The only thing we can do is now call them. We believe that they set up all these blockages to give us hard time, making us feel that they still play tricks on their customers.

Run away as soon as you can if you still can.

我們將一些域名轉移到 uniregistry 以獲取更便宜的註冊費。第一年後,費用提高了,幾年後,Uniregistry 將其業務出售給了 Godaddy.com

大約 15 或 20 年前,我們在 godaddy.com 上的經歷很糟糕。具體來說,我們認為那家公司不誠實並操縱其客戶謀取利潤。從那以後,我們並沒有與那家公司做太多事情。現在我們的域名已經從 Uniregistry 轉移到 Godaddy,我們又遇到了一些問題。

第一次,我們使用用於 uniregistry 的登錄憑據登錄 Godaddy 帳戶沒有問題。我們看到價格遠高於預期,因此我們開始嘗試將我們的域名轉移到另一個域名註冊註冊商。 Godaddy 注意到了,並開始為其天價提供 20% 的折扣。




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