Vegetables as vaccines? They are coming 蔬菜作為疫苗? 他們來了

Oral and intra-nasal vaccines area easier to be administered.  Oral vaccines mean to be consumed to deliver the vaccine.  So oral vaccines can be implanted into foods like fresh vegetables.   When vaccines are implanted, the good become GMO.  Some consider this a benefit.  But there can be a risk to consumers who do not want vaccines.

Vegetable vaccines when developed and approved for use can sneak into the market without you noticing anything.  Remember that vaccines sponsored by Bill Gates carry chemicals that can cause infertility.  The vaccines are used in India and Bill Gates got sued.  The point is, they may not let you know whether this vegetable carries a vaccine or not just like Bill Gates’s vaccines can cause infertility, but vaccine sellers do not inform the customers of the risk.

A group of researchers are now working on a  Sars CoV 2 vaccine implanted into a vegetable.  They tested a bunch of vegetables including lettuce, spinach, collard greens, tomato, radish, arugula, cucumber, pepper coho greens and found lettuce is good as the vaccine carrier.

The vegetable vaccines are a terrible idea. Just like GMO, consumers who do not want GMO need to pay attention to avoid GMO products.  For that reasons, they have to check the label and make sure it specifically claims that the product is non-GMO or organic.  The vegetable vaccine can cause some inconvenience to the grocery business even though it seems to be convenient to use a vegetable vaccine.

Then again, they may figure out how to deliver the vegetable vaccines.   One problem is, how to determine the dose, you certainly may not want to eat more or less than the desired dosage.  Maybe they may open a vaccination restaurant and put the vaccine vegetables or foods on menu.  When someone comes in, he can order a mid-size bowl of vaccine-GMO lettuce salads for $99?  Another problem, this GMO will not be used by consumers who reject all sorts of GMO.

Watch out.



一組研究人員現在正在研究一種植入蔬菜中的 Sars CoV 2 疫苗。他們測試了一堆蔬菜,包括生菜、菠菜、羽衣甘藍、番茄、蘿蔔、芝麻菜、黃瓜、胡椒,發現生菜是很好的疫苗載體。


再說一次,他們可能會弄清楚如何提供植物疫苗。一個問題是,如何確定劑量,你肯定不想吃的比想要的劑量多或少。也許他們可以開一家疫苗接種餐廳,把疫苗蔬菜或食物放在菜單上。當有人進來時,他可以以 99 美元的價格訂購一碗中等大小的疫苗轉基因生菜沙拉?另一個問題是,拒絕各種轉基因生物的消費者不會使用這種轉基因生物。

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