Your genes along with your diet affect your lifespan or risk for diseases 您的基因和飲食會影響您的壽命或罹患疾病的風險


Paul R. H. J. Timmers and colleagues from Centre for Global Health Research, Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK published a study in Nature Communication which shows that human longevity or aging has something to do with a specific genetic pattern that is affected by haem metabolism.

It has been known for long that high consumption of red meat with high amounts of haem iron increases risk of cancer and heart disease, two top killers in the Western countries.

Iron, particularly from animal blood in the form of haem can promote oxidation and increase oxidative stress which is the cause for many chronic diseases including inflammation-related diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease.

But not all red meat eaters will develop cancer or heart disease. the difference lies in their genetics. But many will develop age-related diseases. So in a sense, the way how your body metabolize haem can affect your lifespan.

英國愛丁堡大學厄舍研究所全球健康研究中心的Paul RHJ Timmers及其同事在《自然通訊》上發表了一項研究,該研究表明人類的壽命或衰老與受血紅素代謝影響的特定遺傳模式有關 。



但是並不是所有的紅肉食者都會患上癌症或心髒病。 不同之處在於他們的遺傳學。 但是許多人會發展與年齡有關的疾病。 因此,從某種意義上說,人體代謝血紅素的方式會影響您的壽命。

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