Cancer treatments damage immunity

JKZX.com分享美国彩票部分所有权活动. 不少成功的病例表明,大多癌症通过健康的饮食包括一些保健品是可以长期控制的。有需要者,跟我们联系。 2019年1月4日星期五 – 已知常规癌症治疗会损害患者的免疫系统。一项新的研究提供了一些间接证据,表明癌症治疗确实降低了患者对先前病毒感染的免疫反应。


参加该研究的是在2012年11月至2016年7月期间在癌症诊所接受癌症治疗的100名患者。病毒再激活定义为肝炎RNA增加大于1 log10 IU / mL,肝炎定义为丙氨酸氨基转移酶增加至等于或大于正常范围上限的三倍。


该研究与其他研究一起表明,患有丙型肝炎病毒的癌症患者应考虑常规癌症治疗的副作用。那些从未染上肝炎病毒的人仍然需要考虑风险,因为免疫力受损意味着他们不能用身体的防御系统对抗癌症。这就是为什么接受化学疗法和放射治疗的癌症患者更有可能患上复发性癌症,更容易患癌症,更容易死于癌症。 Jan 4, 2019 Friday – Conventional cancer treatments are known to damage patients’ immune system. A new study provides some indirect evidence to indicate that cancer treatments indeed reduce the patients’ immune response to previous viral infections.

Specifically, the study shows that many cancer patients after cancer treatments who acquired hepatitis C virus had the virus reactivated and some of them developed hepatitis.

Enrolled in the study were one hundred patients who received cancer treatments between Nov 2012 and July 2016 at a cancer clinic. Viral reactivation was defined as an increase in hepatitis RNA greater than 1 log10 IU/mL and hepatitis was defined as an increase in alanine aminotransferase to equal to or greater than three times the up limit of the normal range.

The study finds that 23% of cancer patients had their hepatitis C virus reactivated. The reactivation rate was higher among patients with blood cancers than patients with solid cancers, 36% versus 10%. High dose steroids were also linked to high rate of virus reactivation (57%).
Among 23 patients with reactivation, 43% or 10 cancer patients had hepatitis flare.

This study along with other studies suggests that cancer patients who have contracted hepatitis C virus should consider the side effects of the conventional cancer treatments. Those who have not ever contracted hepatitis virus still need to consider the risk because the compromised immunity means they cannot fight cancer with their body’s defense system. That is why cancer patients who receive chemotherapy and radiation are more likely to have recurrent cancer and more likely to have cancer metastasis and more likely to die from cancer.


Harrys A. Torres Jeff Hosry Parag Mahale Minas P. Economides Ying Jiang Anna S. Lok, Hepatitis C virus reactivation in patients receiving cancer treatment: A prospective observational study, Hepatology 2018;67:36‐47. First published: 27 June 2017 Cited by: 17

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