Author: 刘 大卫

Trust God, not sinful people. Worship God, but not things/people. Let God lead you, but not let others lead you. 相信上帝,而不是有罪的人。 敬拜神,而不是事/人。 讓上帝帶領你,但不要讓別人帶領你。

Artemisinin from sweet wormwood treats not just malaria but also CANCER | 甜艾草中的青蒿素不僅可以治療瘧疾,還可以治療癌症

Comment:  Anything that is anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-malarial. anti-parasitic have the potential to be anticancer!!!!!!!!!! 評論:任何抗真菌、抗瘧疾的東西。 抗寄生蟲藥具有抗癌潛力!!!!!!!!! Artemisinin from sweet wormwood treats …