Does covid 19 testing help patients? The answer is no! covid 19測試對患者有幫助嗎? 答案是不!


Saturday Feb 27, 2021 ( Covid 19 tests like the PCR test can be performed to diagnose covid 19 infection and the reliability is amazing. But do tests of this kind help patients? The answer is No.

The problem with this test is that it takes some time to finish the test. Time is of essence when it comes to treating covid 19 infection. So when you confirm the infection by performing a covid 19 test, you delay the treatment, which endanger patients.

If hospitals treat patients based on the symptoms while waiting for test results, then there is no reason to diagnose the infection in the first place. Because of the pandemic, meaning the risk of covid 19 infection is high , the best strategy is, treat patients immediately assuming that they are infected with covid 19 after they are admitted to a hospital.

Treatments like hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin 6 taken in combination are not only safe, effective but also dirt cheap. For that reason and also because of the pandemic, meaning that any flu-like infection can be the covid 19 infection, patients should take action to treat themselves if they could not receive effective treatments from hospitals/physicians.

Unfortunately, patients after diagnosed are often forced to be quarantined and they could not come out of hospitals. Many older patients in New York died that way after they are diagnosed with covid 19. For that reason, some doctors warn patients against going to hospital without trying to control the infection themselves.

Covid 19 tests may not be so useful as imagined for preventing the spreading of covid 19. Some U.S. companies in collaboration with state health authorities have now started coercing their employees into receiving a nasal swab/PCR screening test. The rational is that this screening can help find asymptomatic patients who can be proactively isolated, thus preventing the infection from spreading to other healthy employees.

It sounds like a reasonable practice. But it does not help prevent spreading the disease. Suppose that you find some people are asymptomatic virus carriers, and these people may clear the covid 19 virus in 10 to 30 days. But other people around these carriers may contract the infection from elsewhere in the next 30 days. So how many times would you do the screening test? Additionally. in fact, this screening practice can give employees a false assurance that no employees would carry the virus, symptomatic or otherwise, and thus they may not practice good hygiene, not wear masks properly, and not practice social distance. As a result, this screening can actually raise the risk of spreading the covid 19 infection.

The best prevention measure is, everyone should regard anyone else as a covid 19 patient and take the best preventive measures to protect himself. Likewise, everyone should consider himself as a covid 19 patient and take whatever measure accessible to prevent the virus from spreading to anyone else! But do not count on any covid 19 tests.

Regardless of usefulness of the covid 19 tests, The risk of death is really low for the general population. (People die every day even without the covid 19 pandemic!!!!) However, elderly people, people with underlying health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer etc are at high risk of death. These people need to practice extra caution to prevent themselves from getting infected with covid 19. Otherwise, healthy and young people have nothing to fear. Also kids with covid 19 are known to be less contagious.

Keep the notion of death in perspective. Everyone dies one way or another, sooner or later. You should not be enslaved by fear, particularly baseless fear. If you fear death, go to a local Christian church to learn about what death means. You may find there are some other things than the covid 19 infection to deal with in your life. You may feel much at ease with death resulting from any disease or no disease.  Your fear of death is why the medical industry makes money from you.

可以完成Covid 19測試(如PCR測試)來診斷covid 19感染,並且可靠性極高。但是這種測試對患者有幫助嗎?答案是不。

此測試的問題是完成測試需要一些時間。在治療covid 19感染時,時間至關重要。因此,當您通過進行covid 19測試確認感染時,就會延誤治療,這會危及患者。

如果醫院在等待測試結果時根據症狀對患者進行治療,則沒有理由首先診斷出感染。由於大流行,意味著covid 19感染的風險很高,最好的策略是,假設患者入院後,立即對其進行covid 19治療。 結合使用羥氯喹,鋅,維生素D,維生素C和維生素6等治療不僅安全,有效,而且便宜。因此,也由於大流行,意味著任何流感樣感染都可能是covid 19感染,如果患者不能從醫院/內科醫生那裡獲得有效治療,則應採取措施自行治療。

不幸的是,被診斷出的患者常常被迫隔離,無法出院。紐約的許多老年患者在被診斷出患有covid 19後就以這種方式死亡。因此,一些醫生警告患者要自己控制感染,不要去醫院。

Covid 19檢測可能無法像想像中那樣有效防止Covid 19擴散。一些美國公司與州衛生部門合作,現已開始強迫其僱員接受鼻拭子/ PCR篩查測試。合理的理由是,這種篩查可以幫助找到可以主動隔離的無症狀患者,從而防止感染傳染給其他健康員工。

聽起來像是合理的做法。但這無助於預防疾病的傳播。假設您發現某些人是無症狀病毒攜帶者,並且這些人可能在10到30天內清除了covid 19病毒。但是這些攜帶者周圍的其他人可能會在接下來的30天內感染其他地方的感染。那麼您要進行幾次篩選測試?

此外。實際上,這種篩查方法可以給員工提供錯誤的保證,即沒有員工會攜帶有症狀或其他症狀的病毒,因此他們可能不再保持良好的衛生習慣,不再正確佩戴口罩, 不再保持安全社交距離。結果,這種篩選實際上會增加傳播covid 19感染的風險。

最好的預防措施是,每個人都應將其他任何人視為covid 19患者,並採取最佳預防措施來保護自己。同樣,每個人都應將自己視為covid 19患者,並採取一切可行的措施來防止病毒傳播給其他任何人!但是,不要指望任何covid 19測試。

不管covid 19檢驗的有用性如何,對於一般人群來說,死亡的風險確實很低。 (即使沒有covid 19大流行,每天也會有人死亡!!!)但是,老年人,不健康的人,例如糖尿病,高血壓,心髒病,癌症等,都有很高的死亡風險。這些人需要格外小心,以防止自己感染covid19。否則,健康的年輕人就不用擔心了。眾所周知,感染了covid 19的孩子的傳染性較小。

透視死亡概念。每個人遲早都會以一種或另一種方式死亡。您不應被恐懼,特別是毫無根據的恐懼所奴役。如果您擔心死亡,請去當地的基督教會,了解死亡的含義。您可能會發現除了covid 19感染以外,還有其他一些事情需要您解決。您很容易面對因任何疾病或沒有疾病而導致的死亡。您對死亡的恐懼是醫療行業從您那裡賺錢的原因。

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