Be aware that may not send you the medicine they promise | 请注意,speakwithanmd.com可能不会向您发送他们承诺运送的药物
We know that someone consulted with this site and paid the consulting fee and never received the medicine they promised to send him. Be aware of the risk.  They can call you to arrange a meeting quickly. But they do not do their job to ensure the delivery of the medicine they promised to send.

Check out FLCCC to buy hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin.  The physicians and clinics listed on the website may be more costly, but they should be more reliable and trustworthy because of their transparency.  Covid 19 will not disappear quickly and buy and use them proactively to prevent and treat covid 19 when needed.  Both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are highly effective.  Vitamins and supplements can not substitute for these antimalarial medications.


我们知道有人通过该网站进行了咨询并支付了咨询费,却从未收到他们承诺寄给他的药物。 注意风险。 他们可以打电话给您安排会议。 但是他们并没有确保自己承诺的药物的交付。

查看 FLCCC 購買羥氯喹或伊維菌素。 網站上列出的醫生和診所可能更昂貴,但由於它們的透明度,它們應該更可靠和值得信賴。 Covid 19 不會很快消失,並會在需要時主動購買和使用它們來預防和治療 Covid 19。 羥氯喹和伊維菌素都非常有效。 維生素和補充劑不能替代這些抗瘧藥物。

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