Arizona man, 110 years-old, credits long life and health to 5 foods 亞利桑那州男子,現年110歲,他認為5種食物的壽命長和健康有益


The five foods are garlic, honey, chocolate, cinnamon, and olive oil. These are pretty healthy foods, but the foods may not be the only factors that contribute to his longevity. Readers need to know that he only eats organics and lives a pretty healthy lifestyle like walking every morning. He does not eat fries, red meat, hot dogs. Sounds like he pretty much does not eat any unhealthy foods. He never gets sick. His father lived to 98 years old.

Studies have shown that eating one serving of junk foods or processed foods or restaurant served foods can trigger a significant amount of unhealthy physiological response. Often times we do not think about foods seriously thinking that eating whatever does not make any difference.

這五種食物是大蒜,蜂蜜,巧克力,肉桂和橄欖油。 這些都是非常健康的食物,但這些食物可能不是促使他長壽的唯一因素。 讀者需要知道,他只吃有機食品,並且過著每天早晨走路等健康的生活方式。 他不吃薯條,紅肉,熱狗。 聽起來他幾乎不吃任何不健康的食物。他從不生病. 他的父親活到98歲。

研究表明,食用一份垃圾食品,加工食品或飯店提供的食品會引發大量不健康的生理反應。 通常,我們沒有認真考慮食物,認為吃任何東西都沒有任何區別。

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