Danger of drinking water treated with reverse osmosis membrane 用反渗透膜处理饮用水的危险

Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane treated drinking water has its minerals removed. This can cause a range of health issues if RO water is the main source of the drinking water for a person.

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反渗透(RO)膜处理过的饮用水中的矿物质已去除。 如果反渗透水是一个人饮用水的主要来源,这可能会导致一系列健康问题。 阅读此报告。

Studies show that people are deficient in certain minerals like magnesium or calcium are at much higher risk of cardiovascular death.

Many minerals like calcium, sodium are important for enzymatic activity. Enzymes/hormones are the foundation of human physiology. And if your enzymes/hormones function abnormally, then you will suffer all sorts of health conditions. Minerals cannot substitute for other nutrients. But they are important elements of your life.

许多矿物质(如钙,钠)对于酶活性至关重要。 酶/激素是人类生理学的基础。 而且,如果您的酶/激素功能异常,那么您将遭受各种健康状况的折磨。 矿物质不能替代其他营养素。 但是它们是您生活中的重要元素。

A 2002 scientific review finds evidence to suggest that deficiencies of zinc and iron, and vitamins folate, b12, b65 and vitamin C can cause DNA damages and increase risk of cancer.


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