Federal court rules FDA’s fast-tracked GMO Salmon ILLEGAL due to environmental concerns 由於環境問題,聯邦法院裁定FDA快速追踪的GMO鮭魚屬非法

Image: Federal court rules FDA’s fast-tracked GMO Salmon ILLEGAL due to environmental concerns

Editor’s note: It is interesting t note that courts would consumer that the GMO salmon is okay for consumers but not for the environment. If there were no humans on the planet, who would care about the environment anymore? The environment exists for humans, not the other way around. If the genetically engineered salmon is not good for the environment, then why allow it to be eaten by consumers? If the GMO salmon is good enough, why do we have to worry about its incidental hybridization with the natural salmon.

The fact is that not everyone has an equal right to the environment. Ordinary people eat toxic foods and die, who would care? What the powerful people care about the environment because they would consider the environment belongs to them! Ordinary people eat GMO salmon, and the rich and powerful people eat natural salmon which is why they do not want their salmon to get contaminated with the GMO salmon.

編者註:有趣的是,法院會向消費者表明, 轉基因鮭對消費者而言是可行的,但對環境而言則不可行。 如果地球上沒有人類,誰還會關心環境呢? 環境存在為了人類,而不是相反。 如果轉基因鮭魚對環境不利,那麼為什麼讓消費者食用它呢? 如果轉基因鮭魚足夠好,為什麼我們要擔心它與天然鮭魚的偶然雜交。

事實是,並非每個人都享有平等的環境權。 普通人吃有毒食物會死,誰會關心呢? 有權勢的人關心的是環境,因為他們會認為環境屬於他們的! 普通人吃轉基因鮭魚,有錢有勢的人吃天然鮭魚, 因為轉基因鮭魚不如天然鮭魚健康。 這就是為什麼他們不希望自己的鮭魚被轉基因鮭魚污染。

(Natural News) Time for supper kids! We’re having genetically mutated fish with hormone-laden tarter sauce, and a side of worm-killing Frankencorn. If every consumer really knew what GMO really meant, nobody would buy food made with them, and that’s why a court of law just rejected what the crooks at the FDA tried to ‘fast-track’ approve (like overnight), but failed miserably due to a lack of evidence that it’s safe for other fish species, or predators, prey, the whole world, humans, health, safety, you name it.

Since the ruling in November, 2020, it is outright unlawful to genetically engineer, modify, alter, distort or mutate the genes of a fish by adding in genes from another fish (giant eel to salmon, for example), just to make money, with no regards to the environment or human health. Biotech got struck down like a bolt of lightning striking a moronic golfer playing in a thunderstorm. Yes, Federal Court (US District Court for the Northern District of California) says denied. No way. Not happening here.

The FDA (Fraud & Death Authorization), according to the Federal Court, never even analyzed any risks to endangered salmon should a modified one escape – this is how the whole Covid epidemic began, except it was from a laboratory instead of a huge holding tank full of lab-made fish.

Anyone could steal the fish and release them into the ocean, then what?

The Court also ruled that the FDA violated core environmental laws with their haphazard approval of the GE Franken-salmon. The FDA blatantly ignored serious consequences and violated the National Environmental Policy Act with their negligence. This may be the most monumental precedent case against the genetic engineering of animals that we’ve seen this century. The wild Atlantic salmon are at stake here, for starters, as this FDA Frankenfish approval also violated the Endangered Species Act.

This is like a RICO case against the Food Mafia. How much more evidence do we need to convict or at least dismantle and rebuild this entire fraudulent agency? Natural News, for the past 18 years, has been covering the fraud of the FDA that dates back 100 years. These things escape into the wild and it can screw up entire ecosystems by ruining the balance of the food chain, plus certain resources and habitats, and there will be no undoing of the damage, ever.

Franken-Salmon is NOT what’s for dinner, thank God

The CFS (Center for Food Safety) represents a whole host of organizations, from consumer to commercial, from recreational to environmental. They sued the FDA in 2016 over AquaBounty Technologies’ genetically engineered animal, the first ever, that was made specifically to be eaten by humans. Who knows, maybe the humans who eat it will be overdosed with growth genes and develop huge cancer tumors.

Nobody knows, nobody has tested it for safety, and nobody was going to test it, not even the FDA.

“Unacceptable Risk” – so the world has been screaming for years about GE Fish

Maybe we can just spend some time saving the fish species we have, and cultivating salmon as they are? Wild populations don’t pose a threat to their own kind right now, get it? You go in a lab and engineer some fish to be double their size, why not go Jurassic Park on the whole project and just make some 50 foot salmon? Help solve the hunger crisis! Support GodZilla Salmon in your community, and don’t forget to wear pink and carry your global warming sign.

Get ready for some “transgenic contamination episodes” that cost US farmers billions more, like what’s already happening with genetically mutated crops spreading to organic farms. Multiply those problems by 1,000 and you’ve got your GMO salmon future.

Thanks to Center for Food Safety for their efforts that made this possible to this point, and thanks to Jeffrey Smith, the ultimate “Paul Revere” pioneer screaming from the hilltops, warning us all about GMOs for decades now.

Tune your internet dial to FoodSupply.news for updates on freaky lab food that all the biotech shills swear is 100 percent safe and effective, just like vaccines. Sure.

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