How to prevent overweight/obesity 如何預防超重/肥胖

Many individuals and organizations may have told you how you can prevent overweight and obesity. Few methods in the market would work. Many so called anti-obesity diets are simply fad diets that cannot help you much. Here I would give you some of my personal advice that may help you control your body weight.

First of all, why you should prevent weight gain/overweight/obesity? Being obesity does not simply affect your public image. It affects your health. Studies have linked obesity to many chronic diseases including cancer, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome. And most important is that it affects your lifespan. You would live a shorter lifespan if you are obese. So you would be better off taking measures to prevent obesity.

Why all the methods you have learnt are designed to fail to help you. One big bad advice is, exercise to use up the calories you eat everyday. This is stupid way to prevent obesity. Why do you have to overeat to gain weight and then you have to exercise to get rid of excess calories/energy?

The best way is to control your energy intake. But how? Anyone who tried to control their meal portions knows how hard it is to restrict your caloric intake. The urge to overeat your meal is just too great to resist. Actually there are some simple ways to restrict your caloric intake. Here are some practical ones.

  1. Start to prepare meals for your own. The most import thing you need to do is, start prepare your own meals by yourself. If you use prepared foods or ready to use meal packages, you have already lose control. If you cannot start preparing meals yourself, you cannot control your weight gain! This is the very first step you need to follow. You need to control yourself first and then your dietary pattern.
  2. Eat certain foods, and stop using high sugar, high fat and high protein rich foods. Assume you are determined to change your dietary habit. Then you need to start to decide what to eat. After all, this choice is about your ultimate health. It is not just how to prevent obesity. The healthiest foods you can eat or diet you can eat is whole plant-food-based diet. High fat, high protein are highly palatable, and they encourage you to eat more than you need. That is the problem.
  3. Limit use of seasonings and spices. Even worse, you add salt, condiments, and all sort seasonings to boost the taste which make it very hard for you not to overeat. So eat vegetables, fruit, gains, beans, and root-based foods like potatoes and sweet potatoes.
  4. Limit use of salt. Salt is the best tastant that promotes eating. Do not use salt or limit use of salt. Do not use seasonings. Eat certain fruit and vegetables which make you feel full easily such as apple.
  5. Do not use cooking oil. Particularly do not use any hydrogenated oils. They are unhealthy and your system cannot handle them easily.
  6. Eat only when you feel hungry. Your system can tell precisely when you need to eat.
  7. Eat slowly and chew a bite for 30 seconds before swallowing it. Eating too fast puts you at risk of overeating.
  8. Use small plates. Using big plates means you are likely to overeat.
  9. Once you finish eating, leave dinner table or kitchen.
  10. Develop an active lifestyle and engage in a lot of outdoor activities. When you have strong interest, you would less likely focus on eating.
  11. Drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or more every day. (dilute in water before you drink it. Single strength vinegar may be too strong for your digest system.) This promotes use of excess fat deposit in your system. (You do not want to waste your muscle).
  12. Do not engage in excess physical activity. When you do a lot of physical activity, your energy expenditure is high, which forces you to eat more.
  13. Sleep as much as you can. To promote your sleep, do some physical exercise, get enough sunshine exposure, go to bed with your partner often. Go to bed early and get up late. Getting up too early makes you feel hungry early.

The purpose is, reduce your caloric intake slowly but surely by 10 to 20% everyday until you reaches to a normal body weight.

The keywords to remember is, eat good foods, avoid things that boost taste, follow good eating manner, control your appetite.


許多個人和組織可能都告訴過您如何預防超重和肥胖。市場上很少有方法能奏效。許多所謂的抗肥胖飲食只是時尚飲食,對您無濟於事。 在這裡,我將為您提供一些個人建議,以幫助您控制體重。




  • 開始為自己準備飯菜。您需要做的最重要的事情是,開始自己準備飯菜。如果您使用現成食品或準備使用餐包,那麼您已經失去控制了。如果您不能自己開始做飯,您將無法控制體重增加!這是您需要遵循的第一步。您需要先控制自己,然後控制飲食習慣。
  • 吃某些食物,並停止使用高糖,高脂肪和高蛋白質的食物。假設您決心改變飲食習慣。然後,您需要開始決定吃什麼。畢竟,這種選擇與您的終極健康有關。不僅僅是預防肥胖。您可以吃的最健康的食物或可以飲食的飲食是全植物性飲食。高脂肪,高蛋白質非常可口,它們會鼓勵您多吃一些不需要的東西。那就是問題所在。
  • 限制使用調味料和香料。更糟糕的是,您添加了鹽,調味品和各種調味料以增強口味,這使您很難吃得太飽。因此,應多吃蔬菜,水果,水果,豆類和根類食物,例如土豆和紅薯。
  • 限制使用鹽。鹽是促進進食的最佳口味。不要使用鹽或限制使用鹽。不要使用調味料。多吃一些水果和蔬菜,例如蘋果,讓您容易感到飽。
  • 不要使用食用油。特別不要使用任何氫化油。它們不健康,您的系統無法輕鬆處理它們。
  • 僅在感到飢餓時才吃。您的系統可以準確告訴您何時需要進餐。
  • 慢慢吃東西,咬一口30秒鐘後再吞下。吃得太快會使您有暴飲暴食的風險
  • 使用小盤子。使用大盤子意味著您可能會吃得過多。
  • 吃完飯後,離開餐桌或廚房。
  • 培養積極的生活方式,並參加許多戶外活動。當您有強烈的興趣時,您不太可能專注於飲食。
  • 每天喝一湯匙蘋果醋或更多。 (在飲用前先用水稀釋。單倍濃度的醋可能對您的消化系統而言太濃了。)這會促進系統中多餘的脂肪堆積的利用。 (您不想浪費您的肌肉)。
  • 不要進行過多的體育鍛煉。當您進行大量的體育鍛煉時,您的能量消耗很高,這迫使您多吃。
  • 盡可能多地睡覺。 為了促進睡眠,進行體育鍛煉,充分暴露陽光,並經常與伴侶一起上床睡覺。 早點睡覺,晚起床。


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