Author: 刘 大卫

Trust God, not sinful people. Worship God, but not things/people. Let God lead you, but not let others lead you. 相信上帝,而不是有罪的人。 敬拜神,而不是事/人。 讓上帝帶領你,但不要讓別人帶領你。

New biomarker strategy devised to screen for, diagnose deadly heart complication from cancer treatment 新的生物標誌物策略旨在篩查、診斷癌症治療中致命的心臟並發症

Cancer treatment can not only increase risk of secondary cancer and cancer recurrence, but also cardiovascular disease among other conditions. 癌症治療不僅會增加繼發性癌症和癌症復發的風險,還會增加心血管疾病等疾病的風險。 News …