Author: 刘 大卫

Trust God, not sinful people. Worship God, but not things/people. Let God lead you, but not let others lead you. 相信上帝,而不是有罪的人。 敬拜神,而不是事/人。 讓上帝帶領你,但不要讓別人帶領你。

A calorie-reduced diet can not only delay the development of diabetes, but also has a positive effect on the immune system | 低热量饮食不仅可以延缓糖尿病的发展,而且对免疫系统也有积极作用

The best benefit from a calorie reduced diet is to expand lifespan. 减少卡路里饮食的最大好处是延长寿命。 News Release 22-Apr-2022 Peer-Reviewed Publication Deutsches Zentrum fuer Diabetesforschung …