Book: Grounded and Cured by David Trombly | 以健康的生活方式和純素生食戰勝瀰漫性大 B 細胞非霍奇金淋巴瘤

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Grounded and Cured: One Marine Fighter Pilot’s Inspirational Story of Miraculous Healing from a Rare Bone Cancer through Alternative Medicine and His Unprecedented Return to Flight Status

The author David Trombly was diagnosed at age 31 with a Primary Lymphoma of Bone by millitorr doctors and a Diffuse Large B-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma later by civilian doctors.  He was told that he had two years to live even with conventional treatments including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.  He refused to accept chemotherapy and radiation, but did receive surgery to remove a cyst but not cancer.  He and his wife prayed to God for divine guidance and came to conclusion that holistic treatments is the way to go for him.  He got rid of his cancer within a year and as of today, he has been free of any cancer.

Here is some thing about what he did cited from his statements published on


Having removed all toxins from our environment (our home) we now were ready to go on the offensive! I shifted to a completely raw diet of fruit smoothies in the morning with organic fruit and flax seeds or oil. The mid-morning meal was salad loaded with veggies and cancer-fighting mushrooms with nothing but pure olive oil for a dressing. This was followed by the big guns of 96 oz of veggie juice. The 96 ounces consisted of 32 oz of carrots and 64 oz of green leafy veggies like kale combined with celery and cucumber and many other nutrient-rich cancer-fighting foods. The diet plan was simple: No processed food, no dead food, no cooked food — All raw and all organic.

Diet was immediately followed by injections of 714-X which arrived a few days later from Canada. This non-FDA-approved Canadian immune-boosting product was mainly nitrogen injected paranodularly near the largest grouping of lymph-nodes in the body near the groin. After a couple of months of disciplined execution, the tumor in my jaw began to shrink. We continued the full month of treatments, and upon my return to the United States my first CT scan confirmed what I already knew in my heart and soul — I was cancer-free! It had been eleven months since my diagnosis. We had used nearly one full year of my two years that my doctors told me I had left to live. Time well spent!

Details are disclosed in his book titled Grounded and Cured which is available for purchase on

Some details are reported here.

作者 David Trombly 在 31 歲時被毫托醫生診斷為原發性骨淋巴瘤,後來被平民醫生診斷為瀰漫性大 B 細胞非霍奇金淋巴瘤。有人告訴他,即使接受包括化學療法、放射療法和手術在內的常規治療,他還有兩年的生命。他拒絕接受化療和放療,但確實接受了切除腫瘤的手術。他和他的妻子向上帝祈禱尋求神聖的指導,並得出結論,整體治療是他的必經之路。他很快就擺脫了癌症,到今天為止,他已經沒有任何癌症了。

以下是他在 上發表的聲明中引用的一些內容

從我們的環境(我們的家)中清除了所有毒素後,我們現在準備好發動進攻了!早上我轉向完全生食的水果冰沙,包括有機水果、亞麻籽或油。中午的一頓飯是沙拉,裡面有蔬菜和抗癌蘑菇,除了純橄欖油作為調味品。緊隨其後的是 96 盎司的蔬菜汁。 96 盎司由 32 盎司胡蘿蔔和 64 盎司綠葉蔬菜(如羽衣甘藍)以及芹菜和黃瓜以及許多其他營養豐富的抗癌食物組成。飲食計劃很簡單:沒有加工食品,沒有死的食物,沒有熟食——全是生的,全是有機的。

飲食後立即註射 714-X,幾天后從加拿大抵達。這種未經 FDA 批准的加拿大免疫增強產品主要是在腹股溝附近體內最大的淋巴結組附近結節旁注射氮氣。經過幾個月的紀律處決後,我下巴上的腫瘤開始縮小。我們繼續了整整一個月的治療,回到美國後,我的第一次 CT 掃描證實了我內心和靈魂已經知道的事情——我沒有癌症!從我的診斷到現在已經十一個月了。在我的醫生告訴我的兩年裡,我們已經用了將近一整年的時間。時間花得好!

詳細信息在他的名為 Grounded and Cured 的書中進行了披露,該書可在 上購買

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