Dr. Johanna Budwig diet and protocol as an alternative cancer treatment Johanna Budwig 博士的飲食和方案作為替代癌症治療

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Sunday 08/15/2021 (jkzx.com/HealthABC.com) — Many testimonies available over the internet have suggested that the Budwig diet can be very effective at treating a variety of cancers including bone cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, esophageal cancer, gliblastoma multiforme, lung cancer, leukemia, lymphatic cancer, multiple myeloma, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, testicular cancer, bone marrow cancer, and tongue cancer.

The Budwig diet consists of two foods, flaxseed oil and cottage cheese.  In addition to the Budwug diet, cancer patients often follow a modified lifestyle including a modified diet and some vitamin and supplements.  Dr. Lu has modified the protocol to a vegetarian diet and expect it to be at least equally effective if not more effective at treating cancer.)

This may be one of the most effective and safe cancer treatments available to human beings.

One case to demonstrate the efficacy of Budwig diet against Glioblastoma Multiforme

Here is an interesting story about a man named Tom who was given 3 months to one year to live, but based on the information from the website the patient’s wife – Kelly- run, Tom was still alive and well at least eight years after diagnosis, which is remarkable for a patient with such a dangerous stage 4 brain cancer.

Tom was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme IV in Feb 2002. At the time, he and his wife Kelly lived in Canada.  Tom’s doctors surgically removed the brain tumor, but the lab work confirmed that the cancer was Glioblastoma Multiforme IV, which is lethal. Doctors told him that he could live three months if he did not do anything.  If he undergoes radiation therapy, he might survive for maximally one year.

Having no idea as to what to do initially, Tom received a few cycles of radiation treatment and then discontinued when he learned of an alternative treatment, which is Budwig diet.   At the start of the journey, the couple did not know much about cancer, much less this one of the most dangerous cancers.  As Christians, they thought they need to seek help from Jesus Christ.   So they did all they could including soliciting help from church friends.   Then one day, a friend came to talk to them about the alternative treatment.  At that moment, the couple decided to stop the radiation treatment which they believe would not help much anyway. Instead, they started adopting the Budwig diet after a visit to Dr. Johannna Budwig who created the flaxseed oil/cottage cheese cancer treatment protocol.

After three months of the Budwig diet treatment, the MRI scan showed Tom’s brain was clean.  After nine months of treatment, the cancer had completely disappeared.  Kelly was excited about the outcome and she set up a website telling the world of the good news. (Unfortunately the website was later abandoned and content was no longer available to most people.)

According to the website, the couple used the following

Budwig diet
Shark Cartilage capsules
Borage oil and CoQ10 supplement
Drink plenty of water
Get light excise like walking. Tom talked 4 miles a day.
Get some sunlight
Also rub Frankincense on Tom’s head

Later as they learned more about cancer treatments, Tom started using AIM Garden trio (a vegetable juice powder) and Graviola – a Brazilian fruit extract.

Tom did not follow a strict vegetarian diet, but cut back on meat and sugar. Particularly, he avoided eating some fish and pork, which is one Biblical principle.

They thanked God for his grace and mercy.

Again, Tom was active at least until 2008 when Kelly confirmed he was alive and well that year. Later, there was no more update on their website. So Tom survived at least six years if he died in 2008. This was much better than 3 months to one year – the prognosis provided by his doctors.

This is not the only case in which Budwig diet helped patients fight their Glioblastoma Multiforme.

Brain cancer can be treated with other alternative means successfully.   In one case, a patient with glioma – a young doctor – used both conventional treatments and alternative treatments to defeat his cancer twice but could not survive the third time .  But he was able to survive 19 years after diagnosis. The alternative treatments are mainly a modified lifestyle including a modified diet.

The Budwig diet may or may not completely rid a patient of all cancer cells. But one thing for sure is that it helps patients fight their cancer. If a cancer patient does not use it, he would surely survive for a much shorter period.

Those who count completely on doctors’ treatment may learn a lesson or two from the testimony.

Johanna Budwig 博士的飲食和方案作為替代癌症治療

互聯網上的許多證詞表明,Budwig 飲食可以非常有效地治療多種癌症,包括骨癌、腦癌、乳腺癌、結腸癌、食道癌、多形性膠質母細胞瘤、肺癌、白血病、淋巴癌、多發性癌症。骨髓瘤、卵巢癌、胰腺癌、前列腺癌、非霍奇金淋巴瘤、睾丸癌、骨髓癌和舌癌。

Budwig 飲食包括兩種食物,亞麻籽油和奶酪。除了 Budwug 飲食之外,癌症患者還經常遵循改良的生活方式,包括改良的飲食和一些維生素和補充劑。 Lu 博士已將方案修改為素食,並期望它在治療癌症方面至少同樣有效,如果不是更有效。)


一個案例證明了 Budwig 飲食對多形性膠質母細胞瘤的療效

這是一個有趣的故事,關於一個名叫湯姆的男人,他的生命只有 3 個月到 1 年,但根據患者妻子凱利朗網站上的信息,湯姆在診斷後至少 8 年還活著並且身體健康,這對於患有如此危險的 4 期腦癌的患者來說意義重大。

湯姆於 2002 年 2 月被診斷出患有多形性膠質母細胞瘤 IV。當時,他和妻子凱利住在加拿大。湯姆的醫生通過手術切除了腦腫瘤,但實驗室工作證實癌症是多形性膠質母細胞瘤 IV,這是致命的。醫生告訴他,如果他什麼都不做,他可以活三個月。如果他接受放射治療,他最多可以存活一年。

由於不知道最初該做什麼,湯姆接受了幾個週期的放射治療,然後在得知替代治療方法(即布德維希飲食法)後停止了治療。在旅程開始時,這對夫婦對癌症知之甚少,更不用說這是最危險的癌症之一。作為基督徒,他們認為他們需要尋求耶穌基督的幫助。所以他們竭盡所能,包括向教會朋友尋求幫助。然後有一天,一位朋友來和他們談論替代療法。那一刻,這對夫婦決定停止放射治療,他們認為無論如何都無濟於事。相反,他們在拜訪了製定亞麻籽油/乾酪癌症治療方案的 Johannna Budwig 博士後開始採用 Budwig 飲食。

經過三個月的 Budwig 飲食治療,核磁共振掃描顯示湯姆的大腦是乾淨的。經過九個月的治療,癌症完全消失了。凱利對結果感到興奮,她建立了一個網站,向全世界宣傳這個好消息。 (不幸的是,該網站後來被放棄,大多數人無法再訪問內容。)


像走路一樣獲得輕微的消費。湯姆每天說 4 英里。

後來隨著他們對癌症治療有了更多的了解,湯姆開始使用 AIM Garden 三重奏(一種蔬菜汁粉)和 Graviola——一種巴西水果提取物。



再一次,湯姆至少一直活躍到 2008 年,當時凱利證實他那年還健在。後來,他們的網站上沒有更多更新。因此,如果湯姆在 2008 年去世,他至少能活 6 年。這比他的醫生提供的 3 個月到 1 年要好得多。

這並不是 Budwig 飲食幫助患者對抗多形性膠質母細胞瘤的唯一案例。

可以用其他替代方法成功治療腦癌。在一個案例中,一名患有神經膠質瘤的患者——一位年輕的醫生——使用傳統療法和替代療法兩次戰勝了他的癌症,但第三次卻無法生存。但他在確診後存活了 19 年。替代療法主要是改變生活方式,包括改變飲食。

Budwig 飲食可能會也可能不會完全消除患者的所有癌細胞。但可以肯定的是,它可以幫助患者對抗癌症。如果癌症患者不使用它,他肯定會活得更短。


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