Remarkable Progress in Regression of Liver Cancer Less than six months to decrease tumor mass by 85% | 肝癌消退取得显着进展 不到六个月,肿瘤体积减少 85%

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Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, September 30, 2022

Remarkable Progress in Regression of Liver Cancer
Less than six months to decrease tumor mass by 85%

by Andrew W. Saul, Robert G. Smith, PhD and Ron Hunninghake, MD

OMNS (Sept. 30, 2022) We report a liver cancer patient’s success with intravenous vitamin C, 70,000 mg twice weekly, coupled with chemotherapy.

Following a 65 year old male’s diagnosis of stage four colon cancer and a partial bowel resection, scans revealed a tumor in the left lobe of the liver (Feb 23, 2022): 6.5 cm x 4.3 cm. The patient received 5FU chemotherapy, which although generally regarded as palliative for bowel cancer, is not considered curative. Indeed, both the patient’s oncologists told him that his condition was not curable and he might expect to live two years with treatment. 5FU is even less effective, if effective at all, against liver carcinoma. This prognosis motivated the patient to begin intravenous vitamin C treatments, starting at 20 grams (20,000 milligrams) and working up to 70g (70,000 mg) twice weekly.

Less than three months later, the liver tumor was reduced to 3.8 x 3.3 cm (May 16, 2022). The patient continued IV vitamin C, 70g twice weekly, and scans revealed a further reduction to 3.1 x 2.4 cm Aug 15, 2022. At this point he had completed a total of 48 IVC treatments, eight to work up from 20g to 60g, then 40 treatments at 70g.

Given an approximately ellipsoidal volume, in which the 3rd dimension was equal to the average of the other 2 dimensions, the measurements show:

Volume = 4/3 * PI * radius A * radius B * radius C

Patient’s initial tumor volume: 4/3 * PI * 3.25 * 2.15 * 2.7 => 79 cm3

Volume at second scan: 4/3 * PI * 1.9 * 1.65 * 1.775 => 23.3 cm3

Tumor volume at third scan: 4/3 * PI * 1.55 * 1.2 * 1.375 => 10.7 cm3

We see this result, from 79 cm3 down to 10.7 cm3, a reduction in volume by more than 85% as important, as it represents a major decrease in less than 6 months.

Additionally, we report this observation: there was an amazing stability of all his blood work, but especially his WBCs, his neutrophil/lymphocyte ratios, platelet counts, and the rapid improvement in the initially elevated alkaline phosphatase.

“There is no evidence that anecdotal information is any less accurate then clinical information. Where are the good old days, when honest physicians honestly reported what they saw in language that any doctor could understand?” (Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD)

For more information about the use of intravenous vitamin C to treat and reverse cancer, we recommend reading additional reports and scientific literature on this topic. [1-6]



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