As of Oct 8, 16,766 Americans die of covid 19 vaccination | 截至 10 月 8 日,16,766 名美國人死於 Covid 19 疫苗接種

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This data came voluntarily from physicians to the government.  The actual number of incidents including deaths can be far much greater. The following statement which comes from says that only 1% incidents are reported.  Some reports say the actual death number is 41 times higher than the reported.  So far, it is estimated conservatively that 150,000 to 200,000 Americans have been killed by covid 19 vaccines.

這些數據來自醫生自願地給政府的。 包括死亡在內的實際事件數量可能要大得多。 以下來自 的聲明表示,僅報告了 1% 的事件。 有人說實際死亡人數是報導的41倍。 到目前為止,保守估計已有 150,000 至 200,000 名美國人被 COVID-19 疫苗殺死。

VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System put in place in 1990. It is a voluntary reporting system that has been estimated to account for only 1% (see the Lazarus Report) of vaccine injuries. OpenVAERS is built from the HHS data available for download at

The OpenVAERS Project allows browsing and searching of the reports without the need to compose an advanced search (more advanced searches can be done at or


VAERS 是 1990 年實施的疫苗不良事件報告系統。它是一種自願報告系統,據估計僅佔疫苗傷害的 1%(參見 Lazarus 報告)。 OpenVAERS 是根據可從 下載的 HHS 數據構建的。

OpenVAERS 項目允許瀏覽和搜索報告,而無需進行高級搜索(更高級的搜索可以在 或 上完成)。


VAERS 疫苗不良事件報告

16,766 例 COVID 疫苗報告的死亡人數 / 25,799 例報告的死亡人數

79,669 次報告的 COVID 疫苗住院總數/157,708 次報告的住院總數

798,634 份 COVID 疫苗不良事件報告

到 2021 年 10 月 8 日

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