Sadly, one local high school student who was apparently healthy suddenly passed away in his sleep without any symptom (sudden death).  This kind of death often results from some heart conditions.  This is not an isolated event.  The student is only one of many young people who died during and after the pandemic.  People wonder what is going on.  Could this have something to do with covid 19 or covid 19 vaccine or both?

令人痛心的是,當地一名看似健康的高中生在睡夢中突然去世,沒有任何症狀(猝死)。這種死亡往往是由於某些心臟疾病導致的。這不是一個孤立的事件。該學生只是眾多事件中的一個在大流行期間和之後過早死亡的年輕人。人們想知道發生了什麼。這可能與 covid 19 或 covid 19 疫苗或兩者有關?

Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaFact Checked