Vaxxed Delta Pilot Dies In-Flight; Southwest Flights Have Mass Cancellations | Vaxxed Delta 飛行員在飛行中死亡; 西南航班大規模取消

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Reports of hundreds of canceled Southwest flights have been met with all kinds of excuses, and Stew Peters says somebody’s lying.

It’s not bad weather, like Southwest claims, he says. And, it’s not FAA problems either, because they say there haven’t been any air traffic control problems that would cause massive flight cancellations, despite reports that air traffic control agents walked off the job in Jacksonville, Florida, in protest of vaccine mandates. So what is it? Other airlines didn’t have mass cancellations.

Peters says it’s probably the vaccine mandates that Southwest just laid down for all personnel — and, he says, “there are reports that pilots are joining the resistance as well” even though the pilots’ union denies it.

Adding to the scandal are reports of a Delta pilot who died in-flight within the last 10 days. The co-pilot said he just suddenly died. The co-pilot also shared that the pilot said he’d just gotten his second COVID shot a few days earlier.

“It’s much bigger than people think,” the co-pilot allegedly said. Not only that flights are being diverted due to pilots with chest pains. A passenger with chest pains forced an emergency landing, too. A Seattle-based pilot was found dead on his floor from an embolism; flight attendants are not returning to active duty in “droves” following their shots; two were found dead after their shots. Plus, seven Atlanta-based flight attendants have already had breakthrough infections.

A vaccinated pilot got a breakthrough infection and died of kidney failure. And the reports just keep coming in, with the airlines keeping their communications sealed. So what’s happening here? “A pilot is dead and the media completely whitewashes the whole thing,” Peters says.

數百個西南航班被取消的報導被各種藉口所掩蓋,Stew Peters 說有人在撒謊。



增加醜聞的是達美飛行員在過去 10 天內在飛行中死亡的報導。副駕駛說他剛剛突然死了。副駕駛還分享說,飛行員說他幾天前剛剛打了第二針 COVID 疫苗。

“它比人們想像的要大得多,”據稱副駕駛說。不僅是因為飛行員胸痛導致航班改道。一名胸痛的乘客也被迫緊急降落。一名西雅圖飛行員被發現死於栓塞地板上;空乘人員在射擊後不會“成群結隊”地返回現役;兩人在打了COVID 疫苗後被發現死亡。此外,亞特蘭大的 7 名空乘人員已經出現突破性感染。

一名接種疫苗的飛行員感染了突破性感染並死於腎功能衰竭。報告不斷湧入,航空公司保持通信密封。那麼這裡發生了什麼? “一名飛行員死了,媒體完全粉飾了整件事,”彼得斯說。

SOURCE: Stew Peters Show October 11, 2021

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