How to respond to forced covid 19 vaccination 如何對抗強制的 Covid 19 疫苗接種

It was reported that as many as 500 universities/colleges mandate that students should receive covid 19 vaccines as an enrollment requirement.  Many employers have not so openly required current employees to receive the vaccines as an employment requirement.  But many employers have already adopted a policy that they only hire people vaccinated.  The discrimination against those who are vaccinated is expected to become a new norm in educational institutions and industries.  However, people have a right to refuse the covid 19 vaccine.

Sidney Powell posted some tips on her website on how to refuse the forced covid 19 vaccination.  On the website, there are two forms that employees and college students may use to refuse the vaccines. (The links are dead).  Readers may find the two forms on

Also employment lawyers in Australia drafted a letter for those who face covid 19 vaccination mandate by their employers.  Employees in other countries may refer to this letter when they are in a position to defend themselves.  The letter is available here.

Here is some additional information against compulsory vaccination which is some legal ground to defend against forced vaccination.

Even covid 19 testing mandate is unlawful.   Here is a collection of legal arguments against the testing mandate.

Similarly, the mandate for forced covid 19 vaccination is unlawful.  See here.

For more information, read

據報導,多達 500 所大學/學院要求學生必須接種 covid 19 疫苗作為入學要求。許多雇主並沒有像就業要求那樣公開要求現有僱員接種疫苗。但許多雇主已經採取了只僱用接種過疫苗的人的政策。對接種疫苗者的歧視有望成為教育機構和行業的新常態。但是,人們有權拒絕 Covid 19 疫苗。

西德尼·鮑威爾 (Sidney Powell) 在她的網站上發布了一些關於如何拒絕強制接種 Covid 19 疫苗的提示。在網站上,員工和大學生可以使用兩種表格來拒絕接種疫苗。 (鏈接已死)。讀者可以在 上找到這兩種表格。

雇主要求注射 Covid-19 的員工表格

需要 Covid-19 注射劑的就讀學院或大學的學生表格

澳大利亞的就業律師還為那些面臨雇主要求接種 COVID 19 疫苗的人起草了一封信。其他國家/地區的員工在能夠為自己辯護時可以參考這封信。這封信可以在這裡找到。


即使是 covid 19 測試任務也是非法的。以下是一系列反對測試授權的法律論據。

同樣,強制接種 COVID 19 疫苗也是非法的。看這裡


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