Covid 19 lowers your intellect | COVID-19感染後智力下降 | 章博士說長壽

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The video cites a study in Norway showing that among 9705 out-patients, 10% of covid 19 patients suffer some memory loss in eight months of infection, compared to 4% of out patients who did not get infected with covid 19.

Sars CoV 2 can cause more damages than memory loss whose severity depends on the patient’s health condition. The damages indicated in form of many symptoms are triggered largely by inflammation, which is induced by covid 19 virus.

In order to reduce the severity of inflammation, covid 19 patients need to treat the infection immediately. The virus can cause inflammation so it is important to keep the viral load of the sars cov-2 virus (detrimental factors) as low as possible. Patients die because they could not get the viral replication suppressed. Also, certain nutrients (beneficial factors) can help alleviate inflammation.

Although covid 19 causes memory loss in some patients, keep in mind that memory loss can result from many other factors. The biggest factor may be aging, which again has something to do with chronic inflammation. So following an anti-inflammatory diet and or taking some supplements can help reduce chronic information, thus slowing the aging and memory loss.

Many foods and supplements (beneficial factors) you can take to help reduce chronic inflammation. These include vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D, quercetin, glutathione, teas, green leafy vegetables, etc. Also, measures need to be taken to minimize exposure to the pro-inflammation factors (detrimental factors), which can come from your diet or your lifestyle. For instance, omega 6 fatty acids tends to induce inflammation.


該視頻引用了挪威的一項研究,該研究表明,在 9705 名門診患者中,10% 的 covid 19 患者在感染八個月後會出現一些記憶喪失,而未感染 covid 19 的門診患者中這一比例為 4%。

SARS CoV 2 能夠造成比記憶喪失更大的損害,其嚴重程度取決於患者的健康狀況。許多症狀形式的損害主要是由炎症引發的,炎症是由 covid 19 病毒引起的。

為了減輕炎症的嚴重程度,covid 19 患者需要立即治療感染。該病毒會引起炎症,因此將 sars cov-2 病毒(有害因素)的病毒載量保持在盡可能低的水平非常重要。患者死亡是因為他們無法抑制病毒複製。此外,某些營養素(有益因素)可以幫助減輕炎症。

儘管 covid 19 會導致某些患者的記憶喪失,但請記住,許多其他因素也會導致記憶喪失。最大的因素可能是衰老,這又與慢性炎症有關。因此,遵循抗炎飲食和/或服用一些補充劑可以幫助減少慢性信息,從而減緩衰老和記憶力減退。

您可以服用許多食物和補充劑(有益因素)來幫助減輕慢性炎症。這些包括維生素 C、維生素 E、維生素 D、槲皮素、穀胱甘肽、茶、綠葉蔬菜等。此外,需要採取措施盡量減少接觸促炎因子(有害因素),這些因子可能來自您的飲食或者你的生活方式。例如,歐米茄 6 脂肪酸往往會誘發炎症。

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