Covid 19: Prevention and early treatment Covid 19:預防和早期治療

This website lists all the information on prevention and early home treatment you need to protect yourself against covid 19.

The most common prevention protocol consists of the following agents:

Hydroxychloroquine: Need to get prescription for this medication.
Zinc sulfate (50 mg zinc per day or 220 mg zinc sulfate)
Vitamin D: 5000 IU per day
Vitamin C: 1 to 5 grams per day administered multiple times in a day.

Early home treatment protocols are also available.

該網站列出了保護自己免受 Covid 19 感染所需的所有預防和早期家庭治療信息。


硫酸鋅(每天 50 毫克鋅或 220 毫克硫酸鋅)
維生素 D:每天 5000 IU
維生素 C:每天 1 至 5 克,每天多次服用。


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