Dr. Zelenko’s protocols to prevent covid 19 infection | Zelenko 博士預防 covid 19 感染的方案

Dr. Zelenko does not recommend young people to prevent covid 19 infection. Young people would experience flu-like symptoms and recover it quickly. He believe infection of covid 19 can actually help young people build their immunity against more virulent variants in the future. But if so desired, the following preventative protocols can still be used.

For high risk patients, people older than 45 or younger with underlying conditions are considered at risk. The death risk from covid 19 infection for these people are 5 to 10%. These people should take prophylaxis explained below against covid 19 infection.

For Low and Moderate Risk Patients:

Elemental Zinc 25mg once a day
Vitamin D3 5000 iu once a day
Vitamin C 1000 mg once a day
Quercetin 500 mg once a day

Follow the protocol every day until a safe and effective covid vaccine becomes available.

If quercetin is unavailable, use green tea compound Epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG) 400mg once a day instead.

For High Risk Patients:

Elemental Zinc 25 mg once a day
Vitamin D3 5000 iu once a day
Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) 200 mg once a day for 5 days, then once a week

Follow the protocol until a safe and effective covid 19 vaccine becomes available

If HCQ is unavailable, use the protocol intended for Low and Moderate Risk Patients.

These protocols come from Dr. Zelenko who is available for consultation if you contract covid 19.



Zelenko 博士不建議年輕人預防 covid 19 感染。年輕人會出現類似流感的症狀並很快康復。他認為,感染covid 19實際上可以幫助年輕人在未來建立對更具毒性的變異的免疫力。但如果需要,仍然可以使用以下預防性協議。

對於高危患者,年齡大於 45 歲或年齡小於 45 歲且有潛在疾病的人被視為有風險。這些人感染 covid 19 的死亡風險為 5% 至 10%。這些人應採取下文所述的預防措施來預防 Covid 19 感染。


元素鋅 25mg 每天一次
維生素 D3 5000 iu 每天一次
維生素 C 1000 毫克,每天一次
槲皮素 500 毫克,每天一次


如果沒有槲皮素,請使用綠茶複合物表沒食子兒茶素-沒食子酸酯 (EGCG) 400 毫克,每天一次。


元素鋅 25 毫克,每天一次
維生素 D3 5000 iu 每天一次
羥氯喹 (HCQ) 200 毫克,每天一次,持續 5 天,然後每週一次

遵循協議,直到獲得安全有效的 covid 19 疫苗

如果 HCQ 不可用,請使用針對低風險和中等風險患者的協議。

這些協議來自 Zelenko 博士,如果您感染了 covid 19,他可以諮詢。

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