Molnupiravir approved in Australia to treat covid 19 Molnupiravir在澳大利亞獲批用於治療covid 19

Saturday 08/14/2021 ( — Molnupiravir  or MK-4482/EIDD-2801 – an antiviral drug developed by Merck & Co – has been reportedly approved in Australia as a treatment for covid 19 caused by SARS CoV-2, according to news reports.   This medication seems to be effective, but it has a lethal side effect, -a mutagenic or even carcinogenic effect in host cells.

A study released in MedRxiv i July 17, 2021 shows that the drug can quickly suppress the viral replication in a matter of days.   Among covd 19 patients treated with 800 mg of Molnupiravir, only 1.9% were found still carrying the virus on day 3, and 0% on day five.   In comparison, among those untreated, the virus isolation rate was 16.7% on day 3 and 11.1% on day five.

Another study published in Nature SME on Aug 11, 2021 by Max Planck Institute reveals how Molnupiravir works to fight the virus.  The medication is made of β-D-N4-hydroxycytidine (NHC)-triphosphate, which is similar to  cytidine triphosphate or uridine triphosphate.  So when replicating, the virus mistakenly uses β-D-NHC-triphosphate instead of cytidine triphosphate or uridine triphosphate. This mistake will lead to some errors of genetic codes and as a result, the viral replication discontinues.

There is some concern about its safety though.  NHC-triphosphate provided by the medication Molnupiravir actually causes mutations (changes in the viral genetic codes).  Could this NHC be also used by normal host cells to make their RNA or DNA?  The writer’s concern is also the concern of many other scientists.

A team of scientists led by Ronald Swanstrom fromLineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill conducted a study and released a report that emphasizes the toxicity, which is titled β-d-N4-hydroxycytidine Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Through Lethal Mutagenesis But Is Also Mutagenic To Mammalian Cells.

The authors conclude in their report “However, NHC also displays host mutational activity in an animal cell culture assay, consistent with RNA and DNA precursors sharing a common intermediate of a ribonucleoside diphosphate. These results indicate highly active mutagenic ribonucleosides may hold risk for the host.”

Because of its toxicity, Molnupiravir could be more dangerous than the SARS Cov-2 viral infection to many patients.  For that reason, approval of Molnupiravir can initiate a new disaster.

Good news is that you do not have to take Molnupiravir.  An increasing body of evidence proves that some antimalarial medications such as hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are actually very effective at treating covid 19 and very safe to use.   Additionally, anti-inflammation medications like aspirin and supplements like zinc, quercetin, vitamin C and vitamin D can boost your natural immunity to fight this covid 19.  (Dr. Lu)

Molnupiravir在澳大利亞獲批用於治療covid 19

2021 年 8 月 14 日星期六(——據報導,默克公司開發的 Molnupiraviran 抗病毒藥物已在澳大利亞獲批用於治療由 SARS CoV-2 引起的 covid 19。這種藥物似乎有效,但它有致命的副作用,在宿主細胞中具有致突變性甚至致癌作用。

MedRxiv i 2021 年 7 月 17 日發布的一項研究表明,該藥物可以在幾天內迅速抑制病毒複製。在接受 800 毫克 Molnupiravir 治療的 covd 19 患者中,第 3 天僅發現 1.9% 的病毒,第 5 天為 0%。相比之下,在未經治療的患者中,第 3 天的病毒分離率為 16.7%,第 5 天為 11.1%。

馬克斯普朗克研究所於 2021 年 8 月 11 日在 Nature SME 上發表的另一項研究揭示了 Molnupiravir 如何對抗病毒。該藥物由 β-D-N4-羥基胞苷 (NHC)-三磷酸製成,類似於三磷酸胞苷或三磷酸尿苷。所以在復制時,病毒錯誤地使用了β-D-NHC-三磷酸,而不是三磷酸胞苷或三磷酸尿苷。這個錯誤會導致一些遺傳密碼錯誤,從而導致病毒複製中斷。

不過安全性還是有一些顧慮的。藥物 Molnupiravir 提供的 NHC-三磷酸實際上會導致突變(病毒遺傳密碼的變化)。這種 NHC 是否也可以被正常宿主 RNA 或 DNA 使用?作者的關注也是許多其他科學家的關注。

由北卡羅來納大學教堂山分校 Lineberger 綜合癌症中心的 Ronald Swanstrom 領導的一組科學家進行了一項研究並發布了一份報告,該報告強調了其毒性,其標題為 β-d-N4-羥基胞苷通過致命性抑制 SARS-CoV-2誘變但對哺乳動物細胞也具有誘變作用。

作者在他們的報告中總結道:“然而,NHC 在動物細胞培養試驗中也顯示出宿主突變活性,這與共享核糖核苷二磷酸中間體的 RNA 和 DNA 前體一致。這些結果表明高活性的誘變核糖核苷可能對宿主構成風險.”

由於其毒性,Molnupiravir 可能比 SARS Cov-2 病毒感染更危險。因此,批准 Molnupiravir 可能引發新的災難。

好消息是您不必服用 Molnupiravir。越來越多的證據證明,一些抗瘧藥物,如羥氯喹和伊維菌素,實際上在治療 COVID 19 方面非常有效,並且使用起來非常安全。此外,阿司匹林等抗炎藥物和鋅、槲皮素、維生素 C 和維生素 D 等補充劑可以增強您的天然免疫力,以對抗這種新型冠狀病毒 19。(盧博士)


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