A patient’s experience with covid 19 | 患者對 covid 19 的體驗

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Editor’s note:  Always trust God.  Refuse to live in fear.  God provide us enough and deliver us through troubled times.  If you live in fear, you live a life that is not God intended.   God wants you to live a happy life. 

Please read jkzx.com as often as you can as new preventatives and treatments are updated often.  Many home remedies are effective at preventing and treating covid 19 and other future viral infections.   It would be your ultimate interest to prevent covid 19 instead of treating it.  It is known that covid 19 can pose a long haul effect on the patient due to the damage the virus causes.

Some medications like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are also very effective at preventing covid 19.  For adults, taking 25 mg ivermectin per day immediately when symptoms show up for  five days can completely suppress the SARS CoV 2 infection.  The odds to avoid covid 19 is 100%.  The keywords, is, immediately when symptoms show up, and 25 mg per day for five days.

Some evil man has already warned of a possible future smallpox attack which can be more lethal than covid 19.  Check out a book on nebulization of hydrogen peroxide, this experience with helping viral infection by nebulized hydrogen peroxide. This.  And fasting can help prevent and treat covid 19 this.

編者按:永遠相信上帝。 拒絕生活在恐懼中。 上帝為我們提供了足夠的,並拯救我們度過困難時期。如果你生活在恐懼中,你過著不是上帝所願的生活。 上帝希望你過上幸福的生活。

請盡可能多地閱讀 jkzx.com,因為新的預防措施 (prevention measures) 和治療方法 (therapy) 經常更新。 許多家庭療法 (home remedy)可有效預防和治療 COVID 19 和其他未來的病毒感染 (viral infection)。預防covid 19而不是治療將是您的最終利益。 眾所周知,由於病毒造成的損害,covid 19可能會對患者造成長期影響。

一些藥物,如羥氯喹和伊維菌素在預防covid 19方面也非常有效。 對於成年人來說,當癥狀出現時,每天服用25毫克invermectin 五天可以完全抑制SARS cov 2感染。 避免covid 19的幾率為100%。 關鍵詞是,當癥狀出現時立即服用,每天25毫克,持續五天。

一些邪惡的人已經警告說未來可能會發生天花襲擊 (smallpox attack),這可能比 covid 19 更致命。查看一本關於過氧化氫霧化 (nebulized hydrogen peroxide) 的書,這個。 通過霧化過氧化氫幫助病毒感染的經驗。 這個。 禁食 (fasting)可以幫助預防和治療covid 19

Summary: Covid 19 did not cause too much of any problem to the patient of this case.  The symptoms were very mild.   Some factors that help fight the illness include a healthy lifestyle/diet, taking some vitamins and supplements, and having faith in God. 

What the patient did is not ideal though.  For instance, he could otherwise use a higher dose of supplements including vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc.  And fasting during covid 19 may also help the body get rid of viruses and viral products.

總結:Covid 19沒有給本案的患者造成太大的問題。 癥狀非常輕微 (mild symptoms)。 一些有助於對抗疾病的因素包括健康的生活方式 (lifestyle)/飲食 (diet),服用一些維生素(vitamins) 和補充劑 (supplements),以及對上帝有信心 (trust God)。

不過,病人所做的並不理想。 例如,在covid 19感染期間,他可以使用更高劑量的補充劑,包括維生素D,維生素C和鋅。 在covid 19期間禁食也可以説明身體擺脫病毒和病毒產品。

The patient reported here is around 62 years old with medium height and light body height.  Considered slim, he does not have any underlying health condition.  He has not seen any physicians for nearly 20 years.  He did not get any type of vaccines nor covid 19 vaccines.   He never takes any medications (very rarely did he take some painkillers for toothache).  He entrusts himself and all his needs in the hands of God. He practices due diligence to maintain good health.  He believes the more you treat yourself, the more problem you would have.   The healthy lifestyle he practices includes some mild exercise such as holding dumbbells and walking to promote circulation.  Eat mostly healthy foods or as much healthy food as possible. Do not worry about anything. He takes vitamins and supplements to actively prevent covid 19 and other infections.

這裏報告的病人大約62歲,中等身高和輕身體高度。 他被認為苗條,沒有任何潛在的健康情況。 他已經將近20年沒有見醫生了。 他沒有接種任何類型的疫苗,也沒有接種covid 19疫苗。 他從來不服用任何藥物(他很少服用一些止痛藥治療牙痛)。 他把自己和所有需要都託付在上帝的手中。他盡職盡責,以保持良好的健康。 他相信你治療自己越多,你的問題就越多。 他健康的生活方式包括一些溫和的運動,如拿著啞鈴和步行促進迴圈。 多吃健康食品或盡可能多的健康食品。不要擔心任何事情。他服用維生素和補充劑,積極預防covid 19和其他感染。

Here is the sequence of his experience with covid 19

1) On day 1, felt tired in the afternoon, and went to bed to sleep early.  Covered a lot and sweated a lot. Did not feel any high temperature though.
2) Felt a bit tired on Day 2. Started coughing a bit (not much, not severe). But that is all.  So overall it did not feel too bad.
3) On day 3, did not feel right yet, but there were no obvious symptoms. So did not feel bad.
4) On day 4, felt normal in terms of energy and overall feeling.
5) Taste buds started to dysfunction. Maintain some tasting capacity, but lost smelling capability.
6) Feel all right every day.  Smell came back on Day 13.

以下是他與covid  19 的經驗序列

以下是他與covid 19 的經驗序列 1)第1天,下午感到疲倦,早睡睡覺。 蓋了很多,出汗很多。不過沒有感覺到任何高溫。 2) 第 2 天感覺有點累。開始咳嗽一點(不多,不嚴重)。但這就是全部。 所以總的來說,它並沒有感覺太糟糕。 3) 第 3 天, 感覺還不對, 但沒有明顯的癥狀。所以沒有感覺不好。 4) 在第 4 天, 在能量和整體感覺方面感覺正常。 5) 味蕾開始功能障礙。保持一些品嘗能力,但失去了嗅覺能力。 6) 每天感覺良好。 氣味在第 13 天又回來了。

Vitamins and supplements used before covid 19

Multivitamin 2 as recommended (depending upon the manufacturer, you may take one tablet capsule)
Vitamin B-complex, (one capsule a day)
Vitamin D 3000 to 5000 IU a day
Liposomal and powder vitamin C, Liposomal C 1.5 grams a day. Powder C can be a few grams a day.
Zinc 30 mg a day
Quercetin (500 mg per day).
Flaxseed oil and fish oil (not daily but taken as often as possible. This helps against inflammation. Tried not using cooking oil which promotes inflammation.

Safety concern about supplements:  Supplements containing silica or silicon dioxide or microcrystalline cellulose should be avoided.   Silica itself can promote inflammation.  Microcrystalline cellulose is nanoparticles that are highly rigid and can enter cells and disrupt DNA and other important molecules.  Those manufacturers that use silica/other nanoparticles in their supplements do not deserve your orders.

維生素和補充劑在covid 19 之前使用

建議使用多種維他明 2 (根據製造商的不同,您可以服用一片膠囊),  維生素B複合物,(每天一粒膠囊),  維生素 D 每天 3000 到 5000 IU, 脂質和粉末維生素C,脂質C每天1.5克。粉C可以是每天幾克。 鋅 30 毫克一天, 奎塞汀(每天500毫克)。 亞麻籽油和魚油(不是每天服用,而是儘可能頻繁服用)。這有助於對抗炎症。盡量不使用促進炎症的食用油。

關於補充劑的安全問題:應避免使用含有二氧化矽或二氧化矽或微晶纖維素的補充劑。 二氧化矽本身可以促進炎症。 微晶纖維素是高度剛性的納米顆粒,可以進入細胞並破壞 DNA 和其他重要分子。 那些在其補充劑中使用二氧化矽/其他納米粒子的製造商不值得您訂購。

Vitamins and supplements during and after covid 19

All the above. Except that quercentin was not available during covid 19. But the following used.
1) Green tea extract; (first three days of covid), did not use it.
2) After ordering quercentin, start taking it again.

Also used baking soda water (1 teaspoon in one cup of water) as much as possible in the first three days.

All vitamins and supplements are being taken even after all symptoms were gone. The patient believes that while the virus might have gone, the toxic compounds like spike protein may stay for some time. To reduce the toxicity or the impact of the toxic compounds, supplementation supplements should continue for the next couple of months at least.

Suggestions:  As an early treatment, dosages of all supplements including zinc, vitamin D, quercetin, and vitamin C should be increased (doubled).   Zinc should be 40 to 80 mg per day.  Quercetin 800 to 1000 mg a day.  Vitamin D, 5000 IU to 10,000 IU per day. Liposomal Vitamin C 3000 to 5000 mg per day or  vitamin C powder 10 grams to 20 grams per day.


維生素和補充劑期間和之後covid 19

以上所有內容。除了在covid 19 期間沒有奎森汀。但使用了以下用途。 1) 綠茶提取物 (green tea extract);(前三天,沒有使用它。 2) 訂購奎森汀(quercetin)后, 重新開始服用。 也使用小蘇打水(1茶匙在一杯水中)盡可能多的在頭三天。 所有的維生素和補充劑正在服用,即使所有的癥狀都消失了。患者認為,雖然病毒可能已經消失,但尖峰蛋白等有毒化合物可能會持續一段時間。為了減少有毒化合物的毒性或影響,補充補充劑至少應持續幾個月。

建議:作為早期治療,應增加所有補充劑的劑量,包括鋅、維生素D、奎塞汀和維生素C(翻倍)。 鋅應每天40至80毫克。 奎塞汀每天800至1000毫克。 維生素 D,每天 5000 IU 至 10,000 IU。脂質維生素C每天3000至5000毫克或維生素C粉每天10克至20克。

Visitors can learn a lot about covid 19 prevention and treatments here.

遊客可以在這裡學到很多關於covid 19預防和治療

Something missing that could help prevent covid 19

The patient never takes Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine which tons of studies have demonstrated it is hghly effective at preventing and treating covid 19. If using either ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, the patient may not experience covid 19 in the first place. At-risk people should consider taking them as preventatives against covid 19. Many front-line doctors are taking them to prevent covid 19.

缺少的東西, 可以説明防止covid  19

患者從未服用過伊維菌素和羥基氯奎因,這些研究已經證明,它在預防和治療covid 19方面非常有效。如果使用伊維菌素或羥基氯奎因,患者可能一開始就不會經歷covid 19。處於危險之中的人應該考慮把它們作為預防科維德 19 的預防措施。許多前線醫生正在服用它們來預防covid 19。

If you are vaccinated,

Covid 19 vaccines do not seem effective at reducing the transmission rate of covid 19. Vaccinated people are still at risk of contracting covid 19. They tend not to experience as much as those unvaccinated. But the virus replicates and damage can still incur in the vaccinated. For that reasons or doubts, the vaccinated may also benefit from taking antiviral vitamins/supplements to prevent covid 19 and other infections.


Covid 19 疫苗似乎不能有效降低 covid 19 的傳播率。接種疫苗的人仍然面臨感染covid 19的風險。他們往往沒有那些未接種疫苗的人經歷那麼多。但是病毒的複製和損害仍然可能在接種疫苗中產生。出於這種原因或疑問,接種疫苗的人也可能受益於服用抗病毒維生素/補充劑,以防止covid 19和其他感染。

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