Omicron coming, are we doomed yet? | Omicron 來了,我們完了嗎?

Sunday 11/28/2021 ( — News broke that we have gotten a new covid 19 variant, and they gave it a catchy name called Omicron.  Omicron has reportedly gained 30 or more mutations.  WOW, 30 can be a big number to scare many people to think this new variant must be a bigger killer.

Do not be afraid. Here is some good news.

According to Dr. Angelique Coetzee, a doctor who practices in Pretoria – the capital of South Africa where Omicron was first found, this new variant actually causes only very mild symptoms.

Symptoms of Omicron include tiredness, slight cough, sore muscles. No high pulse rate, no loss of taste/smell, no severe cases were reported.

Symptoms of other variants include fever, dry cough, loss of taste or smell and fatigue in some patients.  A small group of people who are elderly or having underlying health conditions like obesity, kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes are at risk of severe complications and death.

So far Omicron has been found only in a few countries including South Africa, Hong Kong, UK and the Netherlands. This new variant might have found its way to other countries already without being noticed. They are checking.

To be fair, most viruses and bacteria are friendly to humans.  Sars Cov 2 has quite a few variants already, some may not have gained our attention because they do not pose much of a risk.  That is why some patients do not feel a thing when they get covid 19.

Omicron is simply one of them.  And it seems thus far a friendly one and it causes only very mild symptoms.

Health officials do not know how fast it will spread. But that is not something we need to be concerned about.  Omicron is expected to spread much faster than other variants, because it causes mild symptoms only.  This is really good news.

(We need to open doors and embrace this mild variant which can in a sense provide us natural immunity against other more virulent variants.)

Health officials say they do not know how dangerous Omicron is.  That is true.  But the current observation seems to be comforting – it causes only mild symptoms.

People are often mistaken that viral mutations will definitely lead to more aggressive variants, which is false.  In nature, many viruses and bacteria  are harmless.  Some strains initially cause harm, but after generations of mutations, they become harmless.

Should we bet on Omicron to bring us an end to the so-called covid 19 pandemic.  It all depends on how the ruling class say and what they do.


Omicron 來了,我們完了嗎?

有消息稱我們獲得了一個新的 covid 19 變體,他們給它起了一個醒目的名字,叫做 Omicron。據報導,Omicron 獲得了 30 個或更多的突變。哇,30 可以是一個很大的數字,嚇唬很多人認為這個新變種一定是一個更大的殺手。


據在 Omicron 首次發現的南非首都比勒陀利亞執業的醫生 Angelique Coetzee 博士說,這種新變種實際上只引起非常輕微的症狀。

Omicron 的症狀包括疲倦、輕微咳嗽、肌肉酸痛。無高脈率,無味覺/嗅覺喪失,無嚴重病例報告。


迄今為止,Omicron 僅在少數幾個國家被發現,包括南非、香港、英國和荷蘭。這種新的變種可能已經在沒有被注意到的情況下進入了其他國家。他們正在檢查。

公平地說,大多數病毒和細菌對人類都是友好的。 Sars Cov 2 已經有很多變種,有些可能沒有引起我們的注意,因為它們不會構成太大的風險。這就是為什麼有些患者在感染 Covid 19 時沒有任何感覺。

Omicron 只是其中之一。到目前為止,它似乎是一種友好的,它只會引起非常輕微的症狀。

衛生官員不知道它會以多快的速度傳播。但這不是我們需要擔心的事情。預計 Omicron 的傳播速度會比其他變體快得多,因為它只會引起輕微的症狀。這真是個好消息。


衛生官員表示,他們不知道 Omicron 有多危險。那是真實的。但目前的觀察似乎令人欣慰——它只會引起輕微的症狀。


我們是否應該押注 Omicron 來結束所謂的 Covid 19 大流行?這一切都取決於統治階級怎麼說,怎麼做。

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