Vitamin D deficiency could explain why so many people in China suffer white lungs or die from covid? 維生素 D 缺乏可以解釋為什麼中國有這麼多人患肺病或死於新冠肺炎?

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Jan 2, 2023 Sarurday ( — Vitamin D deficiency coupld explain why China has seen so many people die from covid 19 or develop “white lungs”.  The pandemic of covid 19 or specifically new covid omicron in China is in its beginning not in the ending.  The infection is so fast and so severe that a greater-than-expected number of people including the young and the apparently healthy have died from the covid infection or  developed “white lungs”.

Omicron was and is deemed milder than original Sar Cov virus strain.  And it is not as lethal as the original strain Sars CoV virus.   Could the virus have mutated and become more lethal?  Or what the Chinese are suffering now is a new virus released from some lab?  Or simply because the Chinese people might suffer severely vitamin D deficiency which makes them more vulnerable to the infection.

No one knows the cause that results in the great number of severe cases of covid infection in China right now.  But vitamin D deficiency is a plausible reason that explains why so severe symptoms of covid 19 developed in so many people that so many died or developed “white lungs”

Vitamin D possesses an antibacterial property which helps strengthen innate immunity against bacterial and viral infections.   This has been reported in the prestigious science journal Nature.  Observational studies show that individuals with vitamin D deficiency are more likely to suffer severe cases of infections, compared to those with Vitamin D sufficiency.

Most of the Chinese are likely suffering vitamin D deficiency because the government had restricted their outdoor movement and activities in the past couple of years.  It has been reported that the cases of covid infection in Northern China are generally more severe and more people died or developed “white lungs” which makes sense because people in the north are more likely to suffer severe vitamin D deficiency.

It is also observed that people living in rural areas are less likely to develop severe cases or die from the infection compared to city people.  It is likely because the farmers work outdoors and less likely to suffer vitamin D deficiency.

Those who are suffering or in recovery should take a large dose of vitamin D supplements.  People who have no access to supplements should expose themselves to as much sunlight as possible in the winter time.  To prevent future infections, covid or any other viral infections, people need to maintain a sufficient vitamin D level in their blood.


2023 年 1 月 2 日星期六 ( –維生素 D 缺乏症可以解釋為什麼中國有這麼多人死於 covid 19 或患上“白肺”。 covid 19 或特別是新的 covid omicron 在中國的大流行正處於開始階段,而不是結束階段。 感染如此之快、如此嚴重,以至於包括年輕人和看似健康的人在內的多於預期的人數死於新冠病毒感染或出現“白肺”。

Omicron 過去和現在都被認為比原始 Sar Cov 病毒株更溫和。 而且它不像原始菌株 Sars CoV 病毒那樣致命。 病毒會變異並變得更致命嗎? 或者中國人現在正在遭受的是某個實驗室釋放的新病毒? 或者僅僅是因為中國人可能嚴重缺乏維生素 D,這使他們更容易受到感染。

目前,沒有人知道導致中國出現大量新冠肺炎重症病例的原因。 但維生素 D 缺乏症是一個看似合理的原因,可以解釋為什麼 covid 19 的症狀如此嚴重,導致如此多的人死亡或出現“白肺”

維生素 D 具有抗菌特性,有助於增強針對細菌和病毒感染的先天免疫力。 著名的科學雜誌《自然》對此進行了報導。 觀察性研究表明,與維生素 D 充足的人相比,維生素 D 缺乏的人更容易患上嚴重的感染病例。

大多數中國人可能患有維生素 D 缺乏症,因為政府在過去幾年限制了他們的戶外運動和活動。 據報導,中國北方的新冠病毒感染病例普遍較重,死亡或出現“白肺”的人數較多,這是有道理的,因為北方人更容易嚴重缺乏維生素 D。

還觀察到,與城市人相比,生活在農村地區的人患重症或死於感染的可能性較小。 這可能是因為農民在戶外工作,不太可能缺乏維生素 D。

那些正在遭受痛苦或正在康復的人應該服用大劑量的維生素 D 補充劑。 無法獲得補充劑的人應該在冬季盡可能多地曬太陽。 為了預防未來感染、新冠肺炎或任何其他病毒感染,人們需要在血液中保持足夠的維生素 D 水平。

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