Could metformin help extend life-span? 二甲雙胍能幫助延長壽命嗎?

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Metformin is a commonly used medication to manage diabetes. Many healthy people who pay attention to health and longevity also take metformin in hopes that it delays aging and extends life expectancy. Preliminary studies show that in diabetics, metformin can reduce incidence of cancer and cardiovascular disease, lower risk of dementia, and prevent many other diseases which means it may prolong life.

Still, whether metformin has protective and life-prolonging effects on healthy people remains controversial. Thus far, in fact, there is no evidence that metformin has anti-aging and life-prolonging effects on healthy people. Dr. Zhang reviews and summarizes the efficacy and potential side effects of metformin in addition to controlling blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes.

This is only for your reference when deciding whether to use metformin to anti-aging and prolong our life. Keep in mind that the author of the video and does not assume any responsibility for any injury resulting from using the info released here. For any health conditions, seek medical attention.

二甲雙胍是一種常用的治療糖尿病的藥物。 許多注重健康長壽的健康人士也服用二甲雙胍,希望它能延緩衰老,延長壽命。 初步研究表明,在糖尿病患者中,二甲雙胍可以降低癌症和心血管疾病的發病率,降低癡呆症的風險,並預防許多其他疾病,這意味著它可以延長壽命。

儘管如此,二甲雙胍是否對健康人具有保護和延長壽命的作用仍存在爭議。 事實上,到目前為止,還沒有證據表明二甲雙胍對健康人有抗衰老和延年益壽的作用。 張醫師回顧總結了二甲雙胍在2型糖尿病患者中除控制血糖外的療效及潛在副作用。

這僅供您在決定是否使用二甲雙胍抗衰老和延年益壽時參考。 請記住,視頻的作者和 對因使用此處發布的信息而造成的任何傷害不承擔任何責任。 對於任何健康狀況,請就醫。


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