Aspartame linked to cancer – evidence of cause-effect relationship | 阿斯巴甜與癌症有關——因果關係的證據 | 章博士說長壽

The study cited in the video is like this

Many studies have linked consumption of aspartame to increased risk of some malignancies such as brain cancer,

Also non-Hodgkin lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and leukemia in men.

As always, industries are trying to disprove the links between aspartame consumption and increased cancer risk.   It is up to the consumers to decide whom they can trust.




與往常一樣,行業正試圖反駁阿斯巴甜消費與癌症風險增加之間的聯繫。 由消費者決定他們可以信任誰。

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