How Bill healed Stage 4 colon and liver cancer with juice and a raw diet | 比爾如何用果汁和生食治愈第 4 期結腸癌和肝癌

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Bill Bevins is a colon/liver cancer survivor for more than 20 years and counting.  His cancer got his attention when he felt awfully tired.   He refused to received any radiation therapy and chemotherapy.   He did receive surgery but that was an incident.  His scan showed his tumor was growing bigger.  But after surgeons opened him up, they found his tumor was dead.

No one told him what he needs to do to cure his cancer.  But this Bill studies philosophy and he seems to be a smart guy.   Not only he is smart, but has a strong faith.  So he start searching for his cancer cure.  Based on what he learned, he changed his diet and attitude.

He used carrot juice, green juice only for 90 days.  He did not use anything else except raw vegetables.  No meats, no starchy grain products.  He also used proteinase  which help dissolve cancer cells.  But it took months for him to eliminate his cancer.

Bill Bevins 是一名結腸癌/肝癌倖存者,已有 20 多年的歷史。 當他感到非常疲倦時,他的癌症引起了他的注意。 他拒絕接受任何放療和化療。 他確實接受了手術,但那是一個事件。 他的掃描顯示他的腫瘤越來越大。 但在外科醫生為他切開手術後,他們發現他的腫瘤已經死了。

沒有人告訴他需要做什麼來治愈他的癌症。 但是這個比爾是學哲學的,他似乎是個聰明人。 他不僅聰明,而且有堅定的信念。 所以他開始尋找他的癌症治療方法。 根據他所學到的,他改變了飲食和態度。

他只用了 90 天的胡蘿蔔汁、青汁。 除了生蔬菜,他沒有使用任何其他東西。 沒有肉類,沒有含澱粉的穀物產品。 他還使用了有助於溶解癌細胞的蛋白酶。但他花了幾個月的時間才消除了癌症。

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