American technocrat reveals the secret of “anti-ageing”: eat dinner at 11 am | 美國技術專家揭秘“抗衰老”:上午11點吃晚飯

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Comment: It is important to limit your time period for meals.  Ideally the time should be limited to six hours or so, no more than eight hours.  Eating dinner after 7:00 pm can cause gastric conditions and in some cases, gastric cancer and many other types of cancer.  Japanese studies reveals eating dinner after 7 increases risk of cancer.

評論:限制進餐時間很重要。 理想情況下,時間應限制在六個小時左右,最多不超過八小時。 晚上 7:00 後吃晚餐可能會導致胃部疾病,在某些情況下還會導致胃癌和許多其他類型的癌症。 日本研究表明七點後吃晚飯會增加患癌症的風險。

American technocrat reveals the secret of “anti-ageing”: eat dinner at 11 am

Bryan Johnson, a 45-year-old technology tycoon in the United States, spends about $2 million every year to keep a board-certified physician to help formulate a “rejuvenation” plan for him so he can keep his body forever young.   He has extremely strict control over his diet and has recently revealed that he finishes his dinner at 11 a.m. in order to renew his body to 18 years old.

I finish last meal of the day at 11am.  I eat between 6am and 11:00 am only, Johnson tweeted in response to a netizen who asked about his diet plan.

Johnson sticks to an intermittent fasting habit, which focuses caloric intake over a few hours to allow for longer digestive breaks.  Studies show that this type of break can not only prevent overeating, but also allow one’s digestive system to have time to repair any injury.   The dietary plan has recently been touted by celebrities for boosting energy, promoting loss of excess body weight or weight loss, improving mental focus and cognitive performance, among other things.

Johnson challenges nature through what he called “The Blueprint Project.”   He follows a vegan diet that included a mix of solid and soft foods (TV series), limits his calorie intake to 1,977 calories per day (probably still too much if he does not spend much of this calorie load), and physically exercises one hour a day, one hour a week, get three high-intensity workouts and go to bed at the same time every night.

Johnson gets up at 5 o’clock in the morning every day, takes two dozen supplements, such as lycopene, metformin, turmeric, zinc, lithium among others, and drinks a glass of “green giant” smoothie made of food ingredients such as collagen, spermidine and creatine, wear anti-blue light glasses two hours before bed to ensure quality sleep.

Additionally, Johnson has conducted blood work, ultrasound screening, MRI examination and colonoscopy every month, and measure his weight, body fat, blood sugar and heart beat every day.   He connects to a machine while sleeping to record the number of erections at night.




45歲的美國科技大亨布萊恩·約翰遜每年花費約200萬美元聘請一位經過委員會認證的醫生幫助他制定“返老還童”計劃,讓自己的身體永遠年輕。 他對飲食的控制極其嚴格,最近自曝為了讓自己的身體恢復到18歲,他會在上午11點吃完晚飯。

我上午 11 點吃完當天的最後一頓飯。 “我只在早上 6 點到 11:00 之間吃東西,”約翰遜在推特上回應一位網友詢問他的飲食計劃時說道。

約翰遜堅持間歇性禁食的習慣,將熱量攝入集中在幾個小時內,以便有更長的消化休息時間。 研究表明,這種休息方式不僅可以防止暴飲暴食,還可以讓消化系統有時間修復任何損傷。 該飲食計劃最近被名人吹捧為增強能量、促進減掉多餘體重或減輕體重、改善精神集中力和認知能力等。

約翰遜通過他所謂的“藍圖項目”挑戰自然。 他遵循純素飲食,包括固體和軟食的混合(電視連續劇),將每天的卡路里攝入量限制在 1,977 卡路里(如果他不消耗太多的卡路里負荷,可能仍然太多),並進行一小時的體育鍛煉 每天、每週一小時,進行 3 次高強度鍛煉,每晚在同一時間上床睡覺。

約翰遜每天早上5點起床,服用兩打補充劑,如番茄紅素、二甲雙胍、薑黃、鋅、鋰等,並喝一杯由膠原蛋白等食品成分製成的“綠色巨人”冰沙 、亞精胺和肌酸,睡前兩小時佩戴防藍光眼鏡,保證睡眠質量。

此外,約翰遜每個月都會進行血液檢查、超聲波檢查、核磁共振檢查和結腸鏡檢查,每天測量體重、體脂、血糖和心跳。 他在睡覺時連接到一台機器來記錄夜間勃起的次數。

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