Glycine supplements may help extend your lifespan 甘氨酸補充劑可能有助於延長您的壽命

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Monday 06/21/2021 ( — A study published in Aging Cell in March 2019 suggests that glycine supplementation may help extend your lifespan by a small yet significant margin.

Glycine is a simple amino acid which is commonly used to make collagen tissues in animals and humans.

The small study was conducted in rodents. For the study, male and female mice were fed a diet with 8% glycine, and then their lifespan both median lifespan and maximum lifespan were measured and compared with those of controls.

The study shows that supplementation of glycine in a 8% dose led to an 4% to 6% increase in median lifespan as well as an significant increase in the maximum lifespan.

Also, glycine treated mice were much less likely to die with pulmonary adenocarcinoma, compared to controls. And the supplementation does not cause any toxicity.

It is not clear how glycine exactly helps extend lifespan in the study mice. One possibility is that this amino acid can negate the toxicity of methionine, another amino acid.  Methionine is known as a methyl group donor which is a promoter for the aging process.

As humans age, more and more DNA gets methylated.  Logically, if this methylation can be prevented, then the aging process can be slowed down. It seems that glycine can block the transferring of methyl group.

Quite a few compounds have been identified which can help retard the aging process or extend lifespan of an animal. These include rapamycin, acarbose, nordihydroguaiaretic acid, and 17-α-estradiol.

Rapamycin, acarbose, and 17-α-estradiol are very potent anti-aging agents which can extend lifespan of test animals by 20% or more in males but not significantly in females.   They can not only increase median lifespan but also maximum lifespan (significantly more likely to survive into 90 percentile). nordihydroguaiaretic acid does not seem as potent but still able to render an increase of 12% in media lifespan. It like other three drugs did not help females as much.

Some other supplements such as resveratrol can help extend life too. Fasting alone or following a calorie-restricted diet can be more effective than all these anti-aging drugs, which can render an increase of 30% in lifespan.

Prevention against the tear and wear of cells, tissues and organs is one way to slow the aging.   For that reason, polyamines can be useful. In the writer’s view, any amines such as lysine  can help reduce the damage caused by blood sugar or glucose through a type of reaction known as glycation which led to advanced glycation end products.

Some of the measures that everyone can take to extend his life by a few years include

1) Follow a calorie restricted diet
2) Fast regularly or intermittently
3) Eat high plant protein diet
4) Avoid processed foods and sugars
5) Reduce intake of carbohydrates
6) Take antioxidants such as sulfur supplements, vitamin C and green tea extract
7) Take some supplements such as omega 3 fatty acids, glycine, polyamines, resveratrol
8) Eat a lot of green leafy vegetables
9) Take baby aspirin (counteract inflammation), antidiabetic metformin (reduce glucose quickly)  (Dr. Lu)

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