High doses of vitamin C reduces x-ray induced damage 高劑量的維生素 C 可減少 X 射線引起的損傷

Sunday 06/27/2021 (jkzx.com/) — Medical x-ray is very harmful and exposure to any dose of it can increase risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.  There is no safety threshold.   Even dental -ray or chest x-ray can increase risk of cancer, and heart disease (which is not as well known as cancer, but x-ray can cause damage to the heart and blood vessels.)  The magnitude of the risk increases with the dose.

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Updated on Saturday 07/32/2021

As promised, here is the take-home message for our readers.

When Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear plant melt down,before contract workers were sent to  clean radioactive material contaminated site where ionizing radiation level is high, some were given nutritional treatments including the following:

Prior to being dispatched, some workers received intravenous injection of 250 ml water with a number of nutrients including magnesium sulfate,   vitamin C, and B complex.  Thereafter, they took lyposomal vitamin C, alpha-lipoic acid, selenium, vitamin e and other vitamins.  The listed vitamins are strong antioxidants.

IV injection of the following nutrients

Sterile water: 250 ml
12.5% MgSO4 5 ml
50% vitamin C 50 ml (25 grams)
B complex
VB1 120 mg
VB5 254 mg
VB2 2mg
VB6 120mg
VB3 40 mg
Vb12 1mg

Daily oral supplements, twice a day.

Lyposomal vitamin C 1 g
Alpha-lipoic acid 300 mg
Selenium 200 ug
Vitamin e 200 mg

Later, the nutrition treatment provider monitored the contractors treated and untreated for some biomarkers of the radiation induced damage.  They found that those who received the treatment had reduced the damage significantly, compared to those who were not treated.  (Certainly, all of them still wore radiation protection garments, which obviously could not block the penetration of radiation and radioactive particles 100%)


  1. The IV injection must be done before exposure. Post exposure as found in other studies is not as effective to say the least or may not be ineffective at all.
  2. Pay attention to the doses.  Small doses do not render the efficacy.
  3. Pay attention to overall nutritional diet/supplements to try to maintain a reservoir of antioxidants, endogenous and exogenous.
  4. The protocol is for those who are exposed elevated levels of radiation contamination.  It is possible that those who are to be exposed, or constantly exposed to x-ray like x-ray technologist in medical centers or dental clinics.  Dental patients should also benefit for this nutritional treatment.
  5. All of us who are not exposed to nuclear disasters or medical x-ray still live in the environment full of minuscule amounts of radiation from soil, water and sky.  Maintenance of an adequate antioxidants in the body can help lower the risk of ionizing radiation induced damage.


醫用 X 射線非常有害,接觸任何劑量的 X 射線都會增加患癌症和心血管疾病的風險。 沒有安全閾值。 即使是牙科射線或胸部 X 射線也會增加患癌症和心髒病的風險(這並不像癌症那樣廣為人知,但 X 射線會對心臟和血管造成損害。)風險的程度隨著 劑量。

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在被派遣之前,一些工人接受了 250 毫升的靜脈注射,其中含有多種營養物質,包括硫酸鎂、維生素 C 和復合 B。此後,他們服用了脂質體維生素 C、α-硫辛酸、硒、維生素 E 和其他維生素。列出的維生素是強抗氧化劑。


12.5% 硫酸鎂 5 毫升
50% 維生素 C 50 毫克 (25)
VB1 120 毫克
VB5 254 毫克
VB2 2mg
VB6 120mg
VB3 40 毫克
VB12 1mg


脂質體維生素 C 1 克
α-硫辛酸 300 毫克
硒 200 微克
維生素e 200毫克

後來,營養治療提供者監測了接受治療和未接受治療的承包商的輻射誘導損傷的一些生物標誌物。他們發現,與未接受治療的患者相比,接受治療的患者的損傷顯著減少。 (當然,他們都還穿著防輻射服,顯然不能100%阻擋輻射和放射性粒子的滲透)


  1. 靜脈注射必須在暴露前進行。其他研究中發現的後暴露至少可以說沒有那麼有效,或者可能根本沒有效果。
  2. 注意劑量。小劑量不會產生功效。
  3. 注意整體營養飲食/補充劑,以盡量保持內源性和外源性抗氧化劑的儲備。
  4. 該協議適用於那些暴露於高水平輻射污染的人。那些將要暴露或經常暴露於 X 射線的人,如醫療中心或牙科診所的 X 射線技師,是可能的。牙科患者也應該受益於這種營養治療。
  5. 我們所有沒有受到核災難或醫療 X 射線照射的人仍然生活在充滿來自土壤、水和天空的微量輻射的環境中。保持體內足夠的抗氧化劑有助於降低電離輻射引起的損傷的風險。

Dental x‐ray raises risk of meningioma 牙科X射线会增加脑膜瘤的风险

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