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Muscle strength is known to decline with age, limiting independent mobility and increasing the risk of injury in older adults. In addition, low muscle strength can also affect lung function and increase the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis, low back pain, diabetes and depression. Protein intake is important for muscle strength. However, experts from all walks of life disagree on how much protein the human body should take in every day. Some people think that eating less protein can lead to a longer life, while others think that eating more protein can prevent diseases and prolong life by strengthening muscles. Who are we listening to? Recently, the Journal of Sports Medicine published a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. A meta-analysis is the highest quality comprehensive analysis study. Evaluate how much protein supplementation can effectively increase muscle strength? From this, we may be able to find the answer

眾所周知,肌肉力量會隨著年齡的增長而下降,限制了老年人的獨立性行動,增加了受傷的風險。此外,低肌肉力量也會影響肺功能、增加骨質疏鬆、腰痛、糖尿病 和抑鬱症等疾病的風險。蛋白質的攝入對肌肉力量很重要。 但是,各路專家對人体每天应该摄取多少蛋白质看法不一致。有人認為少吃蛋白質長壽,也有人認為多吃蛋白質增強肌肉能預防疾病從而延長壽命。我們到底聽誰的呢?最近,《運動醫學》雜誌發表了一篇隨機對照試驗的薈萃分析。薈萃分析是最高質量的綜合分析研究。評估補充多少蛋白質才能有效的增加肌肉力量?從中,我們也許能找到答案  – Dr. Zhang



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