Bible Hub – a great source for all Bible learners 聖經中心 – 所有聖經學習者的重要來源

中文版谷歌中文翻譯(90% 準確率) | English translation
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You can search keywords in 20 versions of the Bible and get returns with full verses and links to more details.

The website presents all tools that you need to study the Bible including concordance, and encyclopedia, commentaries, dictionaries, sermons, devotionals and Atlas.  You can also study Greek and Hebrew on the site.

Highly recommended.

您可以在 20 个版本的圣经中搜索关键字,并获得包含完整经文和更多详细信息链接的返回结果。

该网站提供了您学习圣经所需的所有工具,包括索引、百科全书、评论、词典、布道、灵修和阿特拉斯。 您还可以在该网站上学习希腊语和希伯来语。


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