Book: The Deliberate Destruction of America and the World – Who’s Doing it and Why? by Dr. Lorraine Day 圖書:美國和世界的故意破壞-誰在幹嘛,為什麼? 洛林·戴醫學博士 (Lorraine Day)

This is the newest book authored by Lorraine Day, M.D. a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed with breast cancer in her fifties and now she is in her eighties and cancer free. She first had the tumor removed and then the cancer came back quickly and more aggressively.

She totally changed her lifestyle and for one thing, she spends plenty of time studying the Bible. She did not use radiation therapy nor chemotherapy. A total plant-based diet and healthy spiritual lifestyle helps completely eliminate the tumor. She believe that you must believe in God to get rid of your cancer.

This new book is not exactly directly about the Bible nor her anti-cancer journey. But it is about a spiritual warfare. What you see is not just some changes in the physical world. There is a reason for the change. Dr. Day explains why this is happening and what you should be expecting. (The Bible warns that it is going to happen!)

The book covers the following:

  • The One World Government has been planned for hundreds of years: Proof!
  • The Planned Destruction of the U.S. Military: Who’s doing it and Why?
  • Who killed the Kennedys and Diana?
  • When will they take away your guns?
  • What 3 Cities run the world? Underground bases in America:
  • Why? Did we REALLY go to the Moon?
  • Did Osama bin Laden work for the CIA?
  • Transhumanism: What does that mean?
  • Americans are embracing their killers!
  • Is it possible to FAKE an Alien Invasion?
  • The Satanic degradation of America’s Elite: How is it happening and Why?
  • What is the goal of vaccinating the whole World? Covid-19 and the Great Reset!
  • Who Started Black Slavery in America? Can “Man” Control the Weather?
  • The coming Religion: Worship of Satan!
  • Now the U.S. Gov’t can legally kill Christians: For what reason?
  • When will ALL this be Over? And How?

Buy the book before it gets banned or censored.

這是一本由乳腺癌倖存者醫學博士洛林·戴(Lorraine Day)撰寫的最新著作,她在五十多歲時被診斷出患有乳腺癌,而她現在已經八十多歲了,並且沒有癌症。她首先切除了腫瘤,然後癌又迅速又更具侵略性地複發了。 她徹底改變了生活方式,一方面,她花費大量時間學習聖經。她沒有使用放射療法或化學療法。完全基於植物的飲食和健康的精神生活習慣有助於徹底消除腫瘤。她認為您必須相信上帝才能擺脫癌症。

這本新書不完全是關於聖經的,也不是她的抗癌之旅。但這是一場屬靈戰。您看到的不僅是物理世界的某些變化。進行更改是有原因的。 Day博士解釋了為什麼會這樣以及您應該期待什麼。 (聖經警告說它將要發生!)


  • 一個世界政府已經計劃了數百年:證明!
  • 計劃中的美軍毀滅:誰在做,為什麼?
  • 誰殺死了肯尼迪和戴安娜?
  • 他們什麼時候會拿走你的槍?
  • 有3個城市經營著世界?美國的地下基地:
  • 為什麼?我們真的去了月球嗎?
  • 烏薩馬·本·拉登(Osama bin Laden)為中央情報局(CIA)工作嗎? 超人類主義:這是什麼意思?
  • 美國人正在擁抱他們的殺手!
  • 是否可以偽造外星人入侵?
  • 美國精英的撒旦式墮落:它是如何發生的,為什麼發生?
  • 為全世界接種疫苗的目標是什麼? Covid-19和大復位!
  • 誰在美國開始了黑人奴隸制? “男人”可以控制天氣嗎?
  • 即將到來的宗教:撒旦的崇拜!
  • 現在,美國政府無法合法殺害基督徒:出於什麼原因?
  • 這些什麼時候結束?如何?


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